Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting By With a Little Help from Our Friends.

    Here I am creating this blog thinking that I will inspire others and maybe in the process, myself. We all need inspiration when that spark that makes life worth living and drives us through the hard times goes out. And you can only get it through others sharing their fire with you. All these ideas I had about thinking I could inspire myself by myself are completely false I've decided. Because when things happen out of nowhere, when you get your heart broken or lose someone you love or something that makes it feel like you can't breathe, you need INSPIRATIONAL CPR. And you can't give yourself that breath of fresh air you've lost. Someone has to give it to you. Someone has to help you up. Sometimes we need people to pick us up when life pushes us down. And it's not weakness, it's strength in numbers I think. If we had everything we need inside and outside of us, well there would be no point for all the other billions of people on this earth and the ones who have gone before us and will continue to come in the future. We need each other. We can all do things for people that no one else who was ever born can. We progress together. Because life would be so lonely without each other, wouldn't it? When I lose hope in love, in life, in people, I look around me and see that there are people out there who have these things. Who have love. And it gives me faith that maybe someday, even though it seems impossibly far away, I can find that. Look at the people around you and their accomplishments, not to compare or make it feel like you are failing, simply to realize that it's possible for you. That those wishes on stars will come true. That fate and Heavenly Father will lead you when you're ready. So don't ever give up. 

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  1. thats so true.all those quotes you post have inspired me...thank you :)