Monday, November 8, 2010

#38 Swing on a rope swing 10/19/10

            #38 Swing on a rope swing
    I met this boy Aiden (name changed for privacy & because this person is no longer a part of my life) in Blackfoot so we could hang out. It was like a second date, I guess. I don't know my way around there. He took me to Jensen's Grove to walk around the lake/river/pond/reservoir/whatever-name-for-that-small-body-of-water at sunset. So it was all perfect movie moment. He tried to teach me how to skip a rock (unsuccessfully because I couldn't do it haha). We walked around the loop outside the lake, and he had previously heard about my list. Aiden decided he was determined to find a rope swing to accomplish #38 from my list. Sure enough, he found one! It was very flattering that he did that. It was cute how excited he got about the moment, like he never did things like this or cared about a girl like he did me... 
     I got on the rope swing, and Aiden pushed me and span me around till we were both unbelievably dizzy. We were laughing like little kids. It was a blast. I told him to stop but he wouldn't for a while. I promised I'd get him for that. He stopped and when I slowed down, I jumped off the swing determined to get him. So I started running towards him and fell down each time because I was so dizzy everything was spinning. He and I laughed so hard. He said I was like a drunk girl walking out of a bar. By the time I steadied myself and the world was back to normal, I told him it was his turn. He hopped on the swing and I pushed him around and wouldn't stop. Then he got off and fell like I did. Seriously, so much fun! We felt like kids and ran around the park, going down the slides and climbing on the playground toys without a care in the world. The kids who were there looked at us like we were crazy haha which it was in a good way. 
     Another sweet moment was when Aiden got all excited to cross #38 off of my list. He wanted to be the one to do it. I had my list with me. He took a pen and crossed it out. Then he kissed me. And then he talked about how we were going to accomplish the other things from my list (which will never happen now). I will never forget swinging on a rope swing and the story behind it.

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