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#9 Meet Jesse McCartney with Aubrey 8/28/07

#9 Meet Jesse McCartney with Aubrey 8/28/07
I'm going to begin this entry with an explanation of how this all came to pass... so Aubrey (one of my best friends) and I loved Jesse McCartney. He was the Justin Bieber of our childhood. She entered a fan club of his and entered a contest to win meet and greet tickets. 

    We were on vacation in Oregon during the summer of 2007 when she got a phone call. Here is how I describe it in my journal entry on that day.
     "OMW! OMW! OMW! Aubrey won 2 meet and greet passes to meet Jesse McCartney in Washington on August 28! We are meeting Jesse! AHHHH! OMW! I am so excited! That will be the best day of our lives! Meet Jesse McCartney is on my list of things to do before I die! This is a once in a lifetime thing! Our fortunes were right when they said good luck was coming our way. My hands are basically shaking because of how happy I am! I will ALWAYS remember when we were checking into our hotel in Astoria, Oregon when Aub got the call that she won the backstage passes. The concert is in Monroe, Washington--that's at the top of Washington near Canada. Oh my I am the luckiest girl alive! I can't believe it's real! I'm going to be missing my first day of my senior year in high school but I don't care, this was meant to be, and I wouldn't trade it! I feel like I'm dreaming!"
 Aubrey, Jesse, and me.
 Aubrey and I holding our tickets Jesse autographed.
     Here is the entry of my journal for the day we met Jesse :)
      "I had butterflies. They led us all down this ramp and along the side of a white tent. There was a lady who was Jesse's manager. She began to talk to us and we told her we drove here from Pocatello, Idaho which was about 13 hours away. She declared us Jesse's fan club presidents and we told her about how meeting Jesse was on our list of things to do before we died and that I was missing the first three days of my senior year of high school. She thought it was an amazing story and shared it with just about everyone in line and all of the staff members of Jesse, and they all thought it was awesome. Everyone was so nice!
          Well the line moved pretty fast and before we knew it we turned the corner of the tent and saw our first glimpse of Jesse up close! It was indescribable! My face lit up! He's so cute!
           Jesse turned and looked at us and smiled. We talked up to him and introduced ourselves. He stuck out his hand and shook mine and then hers. He said, 'Hi girls! Nice to meet you!' And this guy took Brie's camera and Jesse put his arms around us. We got our picture taken with him! Jesse's hair was longer and cute. His smile was so white and beautiful. He was gorgeous. He had a bad complexion up close, but it was awesome because it just proved he's normal and isn't perfect. He's just an average person with incredible talent. I felt so normal and not nervous around him at all. He was so nice. I touched Jesse and he touched me! That was such a dreamlike experience. I can't believe it!
          Brie and I were about to leave when we noticed that the person who took a picture of us actually hadn't taken a picture! He hadn't pushed the button hard enough. We were freaking out, but the manager let us back in line and we got to re-meet Jesse. He autographed our tickets on his knee this time. I apologized and he was just so happy and had a huge smile and insisted it was fine and don't be sorry. He wrapped his arms around us and we took the picture and it worked this time. Jesse was so sweet and cuter in person (if that's possible). I never imagined he'd actually be as nice as he was.
        The picture was taken at exactly 6:57 P.M.
        It was amazing meeting him because he was so happy and down to earth. He didn't act any better than anyone else. He didn't act better than me. He acted excited to meet me. He was sweet. His smile instantly made me smile. I'll call it the "Jesse Effect". He wasn't trying to rush us at all. He really does love his fans. I'm so glad I was blessed to meet him. I respect him so much. Jesse really is a sweetheart and deserves every penny he earns.
        I am going to look at these pictures whenever I feel sad or discouraged or unsure or hopeless. I can look at it and remember how happy I was and how I met Jesse McCartney even though I thought it was impossible. Anything you want can be achieved if you never give up. I know anything is possible if you're dedicated and believe hard enough. Dreams can come true. 
        I have to put this quote in from my Quotebook because it reminds me of Jesse. 'I love it when you look at me because I know for just one moment I crossed your mind.' I wonder what Jesse thought when he saw me. I may never know, but I know I did cross his mind.
       My life has been a fairytale. I am so blessed and fortunate. I've done, seen and accomplished so much, and the year isn't even finished. There is so much more possible, and I have so many dreams and things to do and see. This summer was amazing. I am a blessed girl. I am happy. I love life. I intend to make each day count."

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