Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project Wish

This is my list :) I sincerely believe everyone should make a list like this. And I think people should put whatever their hearts desire or their biggest dreams and wishes. The impossible is possible. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "We are always getting ready to live but never living." So make a list and make the effort to accomplish everything on it. It's incredibly satisfying. You should set your goals beyond what you believe your reach is so you always have something to live for. And when times get tough and you feel hopeless, look at that list and get hopeful. 
--->I'm gonna make bold the one's I've accomplished and put the date by them.
HELP WANTED...This is my list and I'd love help accomplishing things by any of you!!! 

I challenge everyone to make a list! And be committed to accomplishing it.


1. Get married in the temple.
2. Fall in love.
3. Go to Disney World 5/28/06
4. Make friends with someone I don't like.
5. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
6. Read the entire B.O.M. and Bible.
7. Send a message in a bottle.
8. Sleep under the stars.
9. Meet Jesse McCartney with Aubrey 8/28/07
10. Drink Fiji water in the Fiji Islands.
11. Go on a cruise 6/3/11
12. Have a Disney Princess party.
13. Go to the Mall of America 11/20/06
14. Learn to surf.
15. Visit North Carolina.
16. "Famous prank w/entourage & paparazzi" (ask me for info and I'll explain this one hahaha).
17. Model in a fashion show.
18. Publish a book.
19. Kiss in a hospital elevator like Grey's Anatomy
20. Dye my hair Little Mermaid red 8/4/11
21. Eat at CiCi's Pizza.
22. Learn to ballroom dance.
23. Do something no one else has ever done.
24. Have a star named after me.
25. Get lost.
26. Have a romantic candlelight dinner.
27. Visit the Sacred Grove.
28. Donate blood 2/16/10
29. Serve a mission.
30. Get my P.B. 8/19/07
31. Volunteer for a charity.
32. Try 10 fruits, 10 vegetables, seafood & sushi 7/20/11
33. Be in a music video.
34. Learn to play the piano & read notes.
35. Be in an episode of Grey's Anatomy (as any part whether small, big or an extra).
36. Go to prom 5/3/08
37. Swim in the ocean 7/28/07
38. Swing on a rope swing 10/19/10.
39. Ride in a canoe.
40. Fly (Go skydiving) 9/17/10
41. Write in my journal everyday for a year 7/19/08
42. Jump in a swimming pool full of leaves with a trampoline underneath.
43. Kiss in the rain.
44. Be Maria in a play of West Side Story
45. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
46. See a real castle.
47. Be "Slimed" (like they slimed people on Nickelodeon when we were kids)
48. Be someone else for a day.
49. Throw a formal dinner party and start a food fight.
50. Beat a world record.
51. Have a real pillow fight (with feather flying everywhere).
52. Learn a new language.
53. Own my own dreamhouse.
54. Have a soundtrack playing to my life for a day.
55. Contribute to curing cancer.
56. Sleep on a Temper Pedic bed.
57. Solve a real life crime.
58. Have a sleepover with all my friends when I am older.
59. Fire a gun 8/9/08
60. Take a moonlit stroll on a beach.
61. Paint a picture (that is absolutely incredible!)
62. Vote 11/4/08
63. See the Northern Lights.
64. Love my smile and use it or get a smile transplant.
65. Learn to snowboard.
66. Graduate college.
67. Have Lasic Eye surgery.
68. Ride the fastest/biggest roller coaster.
69. Have my own love story better than the movies.
70. Visit a waterfall.
71. Conquer all my fears.
72. Be a doctor.
73. Save a life (or many).
74. Change people's lives for the better & inspire others.
75. Sleep on a beach.
76. Meet Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.
77. Have a boy throw rocks at my window.
78. Meet a prophet.
79. Have a day of silence (no talking).
80. Feel like/be a princess for a day.
81. Become an excellent cook.
82. Learn to drive stick shift.
83. Make another person's wish come true.
84. Sew/make my own stunning dress like Rose's from Titanic
85. Dance in the rain.
86. Get in a cab and say "Follow that car!" in NYC.
87. Have a secret passage/door/room in my house.
88. Spend a weekend at a 5 star spa
89. Make the most incredible wish at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11
90. Change the world.
91. Pull an all nighter 8/7/11
92. Plant a garden & build a pond in my backyard.
93. Eat at the Undersea Restaurant Ithaa.
94. Get everyone to start singing at a restaurant like in My Best Friend's Wedding
95. Climb a mountain.
96. See real fireflies.
97. Be in the audience of an episode of The Colbert Report.
98. Have my portrait painted.
99. Experience weightlessness.
100. Rose petal covered room.
101. Kiss a stranger.
102. Create a real life bedroom like "Hey Arnold".
103. Dress like Helga Pataki for Halloween.
104. Go back to the Titanic Exhibition.
105. Go on a cruise looking like Rose from "Titanic" & wearing replicas of her dresses.
106. Donate bone marrow.
107. Meet Kate Walsh


  1. Hi..i just read your list! number 1 caught my attention:) I think your list is awsome I read it through and was like wow I'm from Fiji. Are you still doung the list because i could help you with #10:)!


    let me know aye hotbizkete@hotmail.com and I live in Utah:)

  2. Gina,
    Thank you for the offer! I still am working on the list but am in no position to accomplish #10 anytime soon! I can't wait till I am able to someday! You should make a list. They are very helpful and inspiring during hard times especially. They help me live life to the fullest! Take care and best wishes!
    With Love, Charley Brooke