Sunday, November 21, 2010

You. Are. Amazing.

Do you know how amazing you truly are?
There has NEVER been another you.
You are a once-in-all history event. You are one of a kind.
You may not be able to see your undeveloped potential, but it's there--and it is enormous.
The Amazing You:
Your amazing instincts... Since the Ice Age, vast numbers of your ancestors have been smart enough, fast enough, strong enough and courageous enough to survive several thousand years of famine, plague, predators and the worst natural disasters. Though you may think of yourself as merely "average", you are actually the latest in a long line of human success stories... and the hidden strengths you've inherited are no doubt trying their best to emerge. Let them out!
The human mind is the fastest-working, coolest-running, most compact and efficient computer ever produced in large quantities."-Bob Moawad
Your amazing mind... The average human brain weighs about 2 1/2 to 3 pounds. It is made up of about 30 billion cells called neurons. Each neuron is capable of handling approximately one million bits of information. The total number is so large, in fact, that if you sat down and wrote a number one, you would have to follow it with 6.5 million miles of zeros, a number that would stretch from the Earth to the moon and back more than 13 times.
Your amazing body... Your body has approximately 62,000 miles of capillaries; millions of electrical warning signals, railroad and conveyer systems; a fabulous built-in telephone system; and a highly sophisticated audio-visual system. 
"You are a fantastic animal! A man can run a hundred years in nine seconds. He can run for hours without stopping. He can leap almost 30 feet. He can climb a tree. He can swim--swiftly and far. The animals made for running can outrun us, the animals made for climbing may out-climb us, but there is no animal in the world that can do all of these as well as we can." -James Dillet Freeman
Your amazing lifespan... Just 200 years ago the average American died by age 35. Today, we've more than doubled that number. Your chances of a longer, healthier life will continue to increase well into this century. What you are going to do with your longer, healthier life is an answer only you can give. 

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