Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Wow. December is almost over. 2010 is nearly finished. Where does the time go?! Seriously. Seriously? Seriously! I haven't posted at all this month which is sad. I mean not that anyone reads this, but this is supposed to be inspirational and I'm going to stay optimistic and think positive that maybe someone reads this and it helps them in some way. If you do read this, I would love comments and suggestions. Because even I, the creator of this Inspiration Nation, need inspiration now and then (obviously since I haven't been very inspiring this month).
   So my goal with this was to try and be all inspired all the time and share that inspiration and happiness with you. But I'm learning that you can't be happy all the time. However, you can be inspired each moment. Inspiration keeps us going. Even during those tough times when it seems impossible to be happy. When you feel like no one gets what you are going through, it's nice to stumble across a quote or situation that you can relate to and explains in words what you are feeling but can't express yourself.
      I am going to make a goal to try and update this and add new inspiration everyday. A nation is a group of people who share things in common. Therefore, I want others to inspire me too. I can't be my own nation. So I hope that others will read and respond. And that way you don't have to go a day without feeling inspired. So you don't have to be hopeless and you don't lose faith. Cause lately I've been having those days (lots of them actually) where I feel like I'm drained of motivation, I think we all do, but so few of us talk about it. And it's like we're scared to admit to we're broken. But I believe we are broken to be made stronger...


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