Monday, January 17, 2011

My Decorating Skills

I absolutely love interior design with a passion. If I had millions and billions of dollars, I would buy my dream house and design it from scratch, from inside my mind. I would buy all of my family and friends houses and design them and go all out! Someday, I will build and own my dream house (obviously with help from builders and what not). I am not an interior designer. I have taken some classes in high school and college in interior design. It's a hobby of mine. These are pictures of my bedroom in my college apartment. I'm no professional or Martha Stewart, but with my budget and style I think it's pretty cute. :)
 This is my bulletin board collage. I love making collages :) It's full of pictures of me and friends and family, and also pictures of things I love.

 I am so in love with Nicholas Sparks books and movies, if you couldn't tell by my posters ;) I can't paint my room though because I'm renting or you know I would!

 I love Grey's Anatomy, but if you know me at all, this is basic Charley knowledge.

 My Titanic collage and Always Kiss Me Goodnight sign. I love vintage signs.

 My bed.

 My lamp and wallflower and mirror and me :)

 Part of my DVD collection.

 My closet and more vintage signs.

Another view of my bed.

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