Sunday, January 30, 2011


The dictionary defines speechless as without speaking, not knowing what to say, temporarily incapable of speaking and struck dumb, among other definitions.
     I have most definitely been speechless lately. But as the definition states, it's only temporarily. I will never be silenced or stop writing and expressing myself. You can try and shut me up, but I'll just scream. I'm only one voice, but you can never take that from me. And sometimes all it takes is once voice to change the world. 
     Recently a lot of tragic things have been happening in my life. Now don't get me wrong, I am blessed beyond belief in many aspects. I am alive. I am not starving. My family members are all alive and healthy (for the most part). I am in college. I have a job. I live in a wonderful apartment. I have the best of friends. But bad things still happen to me. They happen to all of us. And they are just as earth shattering to me as anyone else's trials and problems. They still leave me speechless, sobbing, and stunned (in a bad way). 
     I'm sorry I've been lacking on my posts. I've just been trying not to fall apart with all that's going on. As I stated before one voice can change the world, but this can be a bad thing. Because sometimes all it takes is one person to destroy your life, your world. No one can destroy me and what I stand for though. That's all that really matters. I have to be strong, but to be strong I have to overcome the heartache. I still have to feel the pain and figure out how to fix it all. 
     My blog may not be the fanciest, the nicest, the prettiest, the exciting-est, award winning, most viewed, grammatically correct, Shakespearian-ish quality, etc, but it's my blog. It's meaningful to me. It's real. It's from my heart. I hope that it can inspire at least one person. That would absolutely bring me joy to know that I've touched a life. I don't want to be praised. I'm not looking for fame. I just want to help people because I know what it's like to feel helpless to feel inspiration less and lonely and if I can make someone's day or get someone to smile, or if they read my posts and realize everything is going to be okay, if one person gets inspired that inspires me and is the purpose of the Inspiration Nation. 
In the words of Alex Gaskarth: "Dont throw yourself out on another’s whim. People change, as do intentions and as a result, consequences. Live for yourself - Love those around you, but realize that they’ve got their own agendas."

     Now some may interpret this quote as selfish. I believe it really means that you can't live your life for everybody else. Don't let people use or take advantage of you. You never really know the intentions of everyone around you. People lie. You can love people and help people and have the best of intentions, but you just have to be cautious when it comes to trust. And if people don't like you or care about you then move on. Don't waste your time on people who don't give you time. Do what makes you happy. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love. 

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