Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is Me

Charley Brooke
This is me. The creator of this nation.
Twenty one years young.
Pink is my favorite color.
Imma hopeless romantic.
I love the smell after it rains.
I wish my name was Isabelle and that people would call me Izzie.
I'm obsessed with the Titanic.
A total neat freak/super organized.
I'm waiting for something amazing that's coming.
I wish I was a princess.
I am going to college to be a doctor in radiology specializing in radiation oncology.
I want to be the girl that changed everything.
The girl that made a difference.
The girl that gave you a story to tell. . . ♥
I'm easy to look at but so hard to see.
Family & friends are the best thing about life. I love them more than words can express.
Dives for dreams.
Grey's An-addict [obsessed with Grey's Anatomy]
Loves quotes & inspiring others.
Knows faith can move mountains.
Blood type--DC (Diet Coke).
Loves surprises and being spontaneous.
BASICALLY...You're gonna want to know me...:)
and you'll never forget me.
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