Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Life Gets Tough, You Gotta Get Tougher.

     Yesterday I (and my family) was hit with a major blow that turned my life upside down and sent it crumbling down in a matter of seconds. You'd think I'd be used to major unexpected blows in my life, and they'd be easier to deal with. Wrong. They still cause my heart to break, take my breath away, bring tears to my eyes, and paralyze me. Trials never get easier, actually they get harder I'm learning, but you get stronger. In the end, you become a better person but you must be strong, rise above, never let them bring you down, and though it seems impossible, you have to find light even when you are surrounded by pitch black darkness. And the light comes from inside of you through God. You have to remember everything happens for a reason and you are never alone. I love and am so grateful for my dear family and friends, they inspire me when I lose inspiration, and they get me through everything. People like that are the world. 
And in regards to the blow, I am going to state two truths, I doubt the person I am referring to in the following quotes will read them, but I'm still going to say them and maybe they will teach others.
1. No matter how many lies to bury it with, you can never hide the truth.


2. Real men don't hurt or make girls cry.

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