Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Heart of the Matter (Forgiveness)

Oprah made a wonderful statement on her show today on forgiveness that I believe everyone should take into mind and consider. Forgiveness is essential. We must forgive others to be forgiven. However when someone has done you wrong, damaged, destroyed, and hurt you or the ones you love, forgiving can be hard to do. If you bottle that hate inside, you will never be happy. You don't have to associate with that person anymore or come to the conclusion that what they did is in any way acceptable, that isn't forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go and moving on. It's not letting that person run your life anymore.
In Oprah's words, "Forgiving is giving up any hope that the past could've been any different and moving forward."
     You can't change the past, or undo what's been done, or right the wrongs, but you can move on and create a better future and not let it define you.

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