Sunday, February 20, 2011


I know that our society runs on sensationalism, bad news, tabloid gossip, sex, other people's misfortune, war, and tends to focus on negativity, but I refuse to do so. You will never see any such material on Inspiration Nation. I don't care if this blog doesn't get as many views as the bad stuff does, that's not why I'm doing this. It's not what inspires me. I believe you can be inspired by the bad stuff, and when I say that I mean that you can be inspired to change it and alleviate suffering it causes. However, I believe in positivity. I believe in finding happiness and holding on to it. I would like to hear more about the good stuff, because society and the media focus on the bad stuff so much that it makes the world look like a dark, terrible place, and don't get me wrong there are many tragedies in the world and you can't erase it all nor stop it, but I believe you can replace it, and I truly think there are many wonderful things and people left in the world, and I choose Inspiration and happiness :)

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