Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I missed yesterday and didn't post anything :( My apologizes. You know how busy life can be! School, work, family, being sick for a zillion days with a cold/flu that won't go away, etc can take all your time. I hope everyone has a wonderful day/week/month/year! I read in Oprah magazine an article about creativity. It said that everyone is creative and basically we all start out super creative, but then we start going to school and comparing ourselves to everyone around us and thinking we aren't good enough so we stop trying and it limits the creative process. So stop comparing. We are all different. Don't change for anyone. Creativity doesn't have to be about composing the next major hit song or painting or something huge, it can be little things every day that you do. Like this blog is an expression of me and my creativity. Being creative helps your well being and gives you a sense of accomplishment. As I've stated this blog isn't the best blog in the world, nor the most read, but it's mine and it's my way of inspiring others and expressing myself. Do something you love and think like a kid without boundaries or limitations. Imma share a few pictures with you today including some McDreamy. Enjoy :)

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