Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey Arnold!

This is my one nerdy obsession. I am so in love with Hey Arnold! As you can see, I own every season on DVD and watch them all the time. It's like reliving a moment of my childhood. Helga Pataki was my hero as a kid haha. I know that sounds bad. But I just loved her and had a crush on this boy and acted like Helga does to him (it doesn't work so great!). But I totally get Helga and unrequited love and how it's hard to admit you like/love someone because there is always this overwhelming fear they won't like you back. I'm so sad they never released the Jungle Movie which would've finally developed Arnold and Helga's relationship and brought closure to it! Seriously though, Arnold is the best, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's never seen it. I'm going to leave you with some Arnold quotes.

"Move it football head."

"To Arnold, with the red-hot lips:
  Your football head
  Your awesome face
  Your grungy chic
  Your catlike grace
  Whose red-hot lips do I want to taste?
  Three guesses, stupid!
  Arnold, Arnold, Arnold!"
-Helga G. Pataki

"Arnold my love, my sultry preteen
  Why must I hold you only whilst I dream?
  Will I be forever enslaved by your spell?
  Why must I worship you and never ever tell?
  Arnold you make my girlhood tremble,
  My senses all go wacky.
  Someday I'll tell the world my love,
  Or my name's not Helga G. Pataki."
-Helga's Poem

"Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you think you like a person from far away you find out they're not what you thought they were when you get up close?"

"Well maybe she's not the girl for you. Maybe the girl for you is someone you didn't expect, after all, the most beautiful gift can come from the plainest box."
-Helga as Cecile

"It's funny. When you like someone, but they don't really like you back, it's not so bad. But if you really like them, like them, but you find out they just like you, it hurts."

"Even if you're still afraid to go looking for magic, magic may still come looking for you."

"All the days of my week,
  I write the name I dare not speak.
  The boy with the cornflower hair,
  My beloved, and my despair."


  1. Hey there^^ which episode is it for the first picture?I really love that quote :) thanks!

  2. when i was 9 i didn't exactly favor the show much and i regret idiotically taking for granted the times it was aired on nick before.. because when i turned 12, i developed an unrequited love, a crush you may say, for a classmate and i loved and adored him in almost the same manner helga did --in secret, in passion, and in vain... hahaha.. plus i am a writer, i've wrote many love poems inspired by this "crush" and many song lyrics too.. xD but sadly, life's about reality and i'm not about to go all wacko just because i didn't get the guy.. a few years later, i started watching hey arnold again, i realized, gee, i was a helga g. pataki myself! Not to mention, the name of the guy i had a crush on started with "Ar" :3 thanks for posting this up.. i really enjoyed running through the pics and poems

  3. When i first saw Hey Arnold, it was the pilot episode. I saw it during the first Nickelodeon movie "Harriet the Spy." I was very impressed with Helga when she said, "Boys are SO stupid." LOL! I have been watching the program, writing on, and am friends with Craig Bartlett(HA creator)for 18 years. (HA Message Board, True Girl for Arnold fan site, and Facebook)