Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

 Me being silly on my way to Brie's wedding.
 My best friend and her husband.
 Brie and I on the best day of her life.
 She gives me hope. Doesn't she look stunning in that dress?
 They are the cutest.
 The bride and her bridesmaids. From left: Me (Charley-maid of honor), Jenelle, Brie, and Ashley.
The castle Brie got married in.

Wednesday June 2, 2010
I cannot believe it's June already, but then again, I can't believe a lot of things like that it's 2010, that I'm 20, that I'm grown up legally but still feel like a teenage girl, that time seems to speed up a little everyday and it makes me dizzy, that the world is so full of bad things and bad people, but also good, that winning the lottery or becoming a billionaire or becoming famous seem more realistic and achievable than love, that people can be a major part of your life and then suddenly become a stranger, that kisses mean nothing to boys, that there can be people all around you yet you can still feel alone, that things can always get worse or better, even when you feel like they couldn't, that promises tend to get broken more often than not, and that my best friend is getting married on Friday.
I don't mean that last part to be negative. Aubrey (Brie) is beautiful and marrying Tyson, the love of her life. I know he's the one for her and they are meant to be. I'm ecstatic for them. What I can't believe is that we're adults and old enough to get married, that if feels like just yesterday when we were teenagers discussing our dream weddings and dream boys like we'd discuss school, movies, and books, but thinking it would take forever to come, and mostly that I can clearly remember the day I met my best friend Aubrey Ann Taylor. She was 5 and I was 4. It was fate. The same night we had a sleepover. We slept in on her basement hide-a-bed eating KitKats and watching Peter Cottontail. Now here we are 16 years later and tomorrow night will be our last sleepover ever.

Aubrey wrote the following in my journal the night before her wedding:
"I know that this will be too short, it's too late to say everything that I would like so in keeping it short you are AMAZING! I love you! Thank you for everything you are!"

Aubrey's mom (who is like a second mom to me) wrote me this message:
"My dear Charley. What a joy you are!!! You are the best friend a daughter could have!!! You two have been through lots and lots of fun times and some hard times together!!! You have been there for her and she has been there for you. I have loved having you spend time in our home and taking you on vacations with us!!! I will for sure miss that!!! Thanks for being there on this, her wedding day!!! Love ya Charley!!!"

My bestest friend was married for time and eternity in the SLC Temple to Tyson Andrew Young. He is her husband and she is his wife. Aubrey Ann Young. She looked absolutely gorgeous. They looked so stunning. I'm honored to be Brie's maid of honor. I was blessed to share that beautiful day with them. They give me hope that love is still out there. I make a joke with them that they are "Forever Young" (because their last name is Young, and now they're married for time and eternity haha). 5/4/2010 was the day they were married. They are still beyond happy. They act like newlyweds and life is wonderful for them. 

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