Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Want to get married?!

This is me and my dear roommate Hannah. 
So... we have decided we have this blessing/curse somehow bestowed upon us. 
We've come to the conclusion that everyone who lives with us and is a close friend will be married within a year of living with us. Why is this a blessing and a curse? Well it's great for our friends who live with us. They will enjoy marriage bliss. However, it's a curse because Hannah and I will be single for life. In fact, we call ourselves SLFL's (Single Ladies for Life). 
EXAMPLE #1-- Brie and Ty
Aubrey has been one of my best friends since kindergarten. She became Hannah's friend in high school. We practically lived together. We'd have sleepovers all the time. Brie met Tyson in 2009 and they fell in love. They were married in June of 2010.

EXAMPLE #2-- Brooke and Don
Okay so they aren't married yet, but they will be someday in the future! They are living together and going to school. They have been together for around two years and are incredibly happy. They are going backpacking in Europe for a month this summer! Brooke basically lived at my house in high school, and we would have sleepovers with Hannah. 

Example #3-- Rian and Dan

This is our gorgeous roommate Rian and her beau Dan. She's a sweetheart. We have become the best of friends. We told Rian about the curse when she first moved in. We told her she would be married within the year. She laughed it off and didn't believe it. But now she is falling in love with this nice guy named Dan. They are dating. She said she can see herself marrying him eventually! 

See! We are right. There is a curse/blessing. If Rian does get married, we are totally going to start an ad about it and everyone who is single will want to be our roommate because they want to get married and fall in love. So it works out in a way, because soon we will have so many people wanting to live with us, we'll start a business and move into a mansion or castle and have people paying to live with us, and that way Hannah and I can live happily ever after as SLFLs!

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