Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funeral Fiasco

     Today has been a busy one. I wasn't feeling the best (healthwise), had soooo much homework (as always), and then spent the evening with my dear mother (love her). We went to my little brother Christian's (and his friend Jared) 8th grade band concert. I was impressed. Those middle school band kids have talented, major talent. My little brother was adorable and did such an incredible job. He plays the trumpet. Jared is in percussion. Of course, Christian is too cool now to acknowledge my mom and me. We smiled and waved at him from the stands, and he just gave us this little nod and smirk (he thinks he's the coolest). Fun times! I love my family. 
     Now I am with my roommate family Rian and Hannah. McHale is sleeping (she always goes to sleep early). I love moments like this where us girls sit and do absolutely nothing, or at least nothing worthwhile, like tonight--talking (from nonsense conversations to heart-to-hearts), watching Grey's (Hannah and I made Rian a Grey's An-addict! Yay), and looking at wedding magazines at all the pretty dress, amazing cakes, beautiful rings, and colors. Getting together and have a girls night has been tough lately due to our busy/different schedules, so I savor times like now. 
     I know, everything I have written so far has absolutely nothing to do with funerals, but the story I am going to tell does. It's not inspirational in the slightest, however it is hilarious, and I believe making people laugh is a wonderful thing :) This is a true story I wrote about in my journal. The date was March 29, 2007
     My friend Allen's (we met at this science camp thing) mother passed away. I was devastated for him. I decided to go to the viewing to show him my support and that I cared about him and was there for him. Allen and I weren't super close friends, but still friends nonetheless. For this reason, I made my friends--Alexia and Gabrielle, and sister McHale come with me. I wore a black and white dress. They wore normal clothing. 
     We got there at 8:30 p.m. and it ended at 9:00 so we were in a rush and hurried inside the funeral home. We walked into the lobby and saw the funeral director who was busy talking to this lady, so we saw two rooms (one that looked like a room just for the family of the person who died and one that every other time I'd been there held the casket and had benches for family and friends). I saw Allen and his father standing in the family room. He waved at me, and I waved back.
     I thought they were in a room only for family members, so I made the decision to go to the other room. I walked in and Alexia, Gaby, and McHale followed awkwardly behind me. That room was packed! We saw Azure and Wilson Simmons there (they are these nice girls from our high school). Then we saw one of McHale's friends and her mom. We went and talked to her. She said it was her old step aunt who died. We made our way to the casket and noticed it was closed. Then we saw a picture above it of an old Native lady. She didn't look like Allen in anyway! That's when things started clicking in my mind. I thought that was odd that she didn't resemble Allen.
     Well almost everyone was looking at us like we were crazy and that was extremely uncomfortable so I decided we should leave. Allen and his family were nowhere in sight in there anyways. So we walked back into the lobby. Allen was there chasing around a cute little girl and boy who were laughing. The girls and I signed the guestbook. Then I made my way over to Allen and froze. I glanced behind him and noticed an open coffin in the room I thought was the family room.
     "Hey." I smiled.
     "Hey." He replied and managed a smile despite the circumstances. His eyes looked sad though. The little girl and boy were now pulling on his fingers. Gaby, McHale, and Alexia lingered in the distance behind me. 
     I didn't know what to say because:
     A) We didn't know each other all that well.
     B) I'd thought of a million things to say to him before I came but suddenly they escaped     
     my mind.
     C) I'd tried to put myself in his situation and realized if I were him, I would probably lock 
     myself in a closet and never come out and cry until I was tearless.
     So I stood there acting stupid and looking around, and then finally managed to talk.
     "It's good to see you. How old are they?" I stuttered and pointed to the kids.
     "Thanks, you too. They are my niece and nephew. He's five and she's three." He responded in a friendly tone.
     "They're cute."
      I was like a deer in the freaking headlights. I really wanted to say something that would make a difference, make him happy or smile, and take away his pain, but I couldn't find the words to save my life. 
     "Well... call me sometime. Have a goodnight. Take care." I finally broke the silence.
     "You too. Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me." He said meaningfully. 
     "You're welcome. Bye." I replied quickly. I felt terrible for not saying anything about his mom or his loss. 
      I turned around and headed out the door with the girls. 
      Once we were outside the light bulb came on inside all of us although it was pitch black outside.
      We realized we went to the wrong viewing! We hadn't connected the dots until right on our way out when the funeral director said, "Sorry girls. I didn't do a good job directing you. There are two viewings here. Good thing you didn't get confused." Wrong. Oh-so-wrong.
      But we didn't tell him that. 
      Oops. I texted him and asked him if I really went to the wrong one, just to be sure, hoping I was wrong, but knowing I was right. I had! We went to the wrong one. I felt horrible so I said sorry, and he was fine with it and glad that I came. I still feel bad, but it's kind of a funny story because who does that? Seriously!
     I went to my work to visit my coworkers because they were also my friends. We talked to them for a while and told them about the viewing mishap/funeral fiasco. They laughed and laughed and laughed. Randy (my friend/coworker) said it happens all the time in movies. The reality is this was real life! 
     Moral of the story= Make sure you talk to the funeral director so you go to the right viewing/funeral! Seriously! Even if they are busy talking to someone else, wait so you can not make the same mistake I did haha!

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