Friday, April 1, 2011

How To Save A Life

Those pictures are all incredibly random, but incredible. I love them (but I guess that's obvious or I wouldn't post them here!). I am tired tonight and just got done writing two four page papers so my brain is hurting haha. But I am blessed to be in college, and I'm finally done with them! So yay! Other things that made me happy today=The Grey's Anatomy musical episode=love! The music they sung were some of my favorite songs from the history of Grey's including: 'Cozy in the Rocket' -Psapp, 'Chasing Cars' -Snow Patrol, 'Breathe (2am)' -Anna Nalick, 'How We Operate' -Gomez, 'Wait' -Go Set Go, 'Running on Sunshine' -Jesus Jackson, 'Grace' -Kate Havnevik, 'How To Save A Life' -The Fray, and 'The Story' -Brandi Carlile. If you haven't ever heard any of those songs, go listen to them now! They are incredible. Love them! Loved that episode. I just love Grey's Anatomy if you hadn't noticed ;). It never fails to make me happy. Seriously.

Random nice comments absolutely never fail to make my day. I get the sweetest e-mails and comments from lots of people who give me feedback and support about my blog and it's amazing. I love all of my readers. Seriously love you! Well today was a hard day and I got on Facebook and my friend Morgan Kirkham had the nicest status about me. I love you Morgan! She is the sweetest person. She has the most beautiful family and her two sons are adorable. :) Thank you Morgan for cheering me up on a cloudy day! 
Now I am sitting here with my lovely roommates Hannah, Rian, and Rian's bf Dan and the Lucy cat. Lucy looks dead. She has been curled up in a ball for the last few hours haha. I love her... except I don't love when she scratches the cute decorations I put on my wall and ruins them. Not so cute. And she like hates me. She won't let me hold and pet her. She always runs away. But she is the cutest cat, and I love her. Maybe someday she will love me. 
Lucy will stick her paw under your door if she gets lonely or shut out. I feel bad for Hannah because in the mornings Lucy cat will relentlessly scratch at her door and put her paw under the door. She'll even fall asleep like this! 

Lucy likes to sleep in the most random places. Like the sink... and on books you are reading and she'll just plop down on the floor. She is crazy. I swear she sees ghosts. She will run up walls. It's insanity. Hannah and Rian are witnesses of Lucy's madness.

Currently my roommates and I are doing the usual routine--studying (not really haha... we're supposed to be but we end up having the longest conversations about absolutely nothing or watching Grey's, dealing with Lucy cat, discussing my stalker and run ins with him, trying to find some brilliant idea to become billionaires), we watch Grey's and Jersey Shore on Thursdays and every week day we watch The Colbert Report. Love it. 

Can I just say that I love my grandma Annette Selders. She is my hero. She is an angel. Seriously. She is the most incredible lady I've ever met. If I can be half the woman she is, that will be wonderful. She has helped me through every trial in my life and is so fearless and faithful. She is my inspiration. She cares about everyone. She would help anyone on the street who needed it. And my grandpa Curt Selders is equally amazing. They are my strength. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. They are so in love and have been married for 23 years. My grandma is so stylish haha. She won best dressed in high school and people think she is my mom. I just love these two. I could go on and on and on forever, but the point is these are two of my greatest sources of inspiration, and I had to acknowledge that.

This has been the most random post I've probably ever written, but I'm sleep deprived so I get a break for that. I don't think there is whole-lotta inspiration here. I mainly went on about my oh-so-exciting life. I guess the message of this post is family and friends are life. They are the most precious thing in my life. I love them to infinity and beyond. I think it's great to tell the people you love how you feel every once in a while. Remind your family or friends you love them. You never know when you won't have the chance to do so, take advantage of the time you have and tell people how you feel and that you appreciate them. I love and appreciate you all with all of my heart!
With love,
Charley Brooke

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