Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wow. I need to improve when it comes to posting on this blog! I know it's only been a few days, but everyone needs inspiration every single day. And I know I sure do! I've just been busy (such is life). I've been busy for good reasons though: school, family, friends, etc... but I promise improvement when it comes to my Inspiration Nation because it is also important to me! You are all important to me! 
So I just want to say I love my siblings and friends with all of my heart. They are seriously incredible. I know siblings get on my nerves and we fight a lot, but we have a ten second rebound rate and are back to being best friends. Always appreciate your family and friends! They bring so much light to life. If you are fighting with your siblings or family or friends, I highly encourage you to forgive and mend up the relationship. Life is too short to hate anyone. You never know how much time you or they have so don't waste it fighting. Make it count!
My family.
Back row- My mom and brother (Christian)
Front row- Me and younger sisters McHale and Jordan.
<3 Charley Brooke

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