Saturday, April 16, 2011

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

Sad. There are only four pictures today because the uploader deal isn't working for some reason anymore. But four is better than none! I have some really great ones with amazing quotes I will post in the next few days when my uploading works again! I wanted this to be a  better post since I missed yesterday. I had a good reason though. I stayed the night at my dear grandparents house. They are the best ever. Seriously! It's great spending time with them and sleeping in the princess room my grandma has for whenever a grandchild stays over. I used to live with them for a year and that was my old room! It was nice to be back. I will have to take pictures sometime and post them. It's all pink and vintage-y with an amazingly beautiful queen sized bed. In fact, my grandma is an incredible interior decorator and her entire house looks like it's from a magazine. She has great taste and it's very vintage/romantic style and lovely. I will post pictures of all of it. She designed it all herself! Anyways, I was staying with her due to my health problems. (That's another story, for another day... a long story). We're trying to find doctors in another state to help me because it's a bit of a mystery... My grandma is an angel and takes care of me and my health! She's been there for me through all the health issues/surgeries my entire life. I'm beyond blessed to have her and my grandfather! They both have health issues of their own, but still are always caring for others. What a great example they are! I hope to be like them! I know I've mentioned them before, but I will continue to do so once in a while because they inspire me!
What does that have to do with me not posting yesterday? They don't have the internet nor know how to use a computer haha. It makes me laugh. My grandma calls Facebook "Spacebook" and Myspace "MyFace". But I think it's kinda neat they don't have that because while the internet is amazing, it's nice to take a break from it once in a while. However, my grandma got a new phone with texting! So I tried for hours to help her learn to text. She still doesn't know how, but hopefully after a million more hours she'll get the picture haha!
Well due to my health issues, I have been in a great deal of pain. Today I spent the evening with my best friend/younger sister McHale. She's AMAZING and B-E-A-utiful! We always have a blast together. We went to dinner and then spent the rest of the night visiting our greatest friends Brie and Tyson. I mention Brie a lot because she is my other best friend. She is my older sister basically. We've known each other for 17+ years. Tyson is her awesome husband. We just spent time talking and catching up basically the whole time but it was the best. I forgot about the pain because I was enjoying the time with them. I think it's important to always find some time for family and friends. They bring me the biggest source of light in my life (along with my Savior and Heavenly Father of course). As they say in Grey's Anatomy all the time, "People are what matter." True story. I believe making time with them is the most important thing. Even if it takes time away from other things, it's always worth it. We get so busy with work, school, and the countless other things that demand our time, to the point where it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day! But you should always take the time out to spend with your loved ones. You never know how much time you have in life. Make each second count as I always say. Plus it will make you so much happier and even take away/reduce/make you forget about your troubles, stress, and pain (like it did for me). I love my family and friends and I love all of you, I truly do. 
I hope every one of you has a wonderful, super, amazing, fantastic, inspiring, fun, full of life and light and laughter, kind of weekend! Make every second count. Spend time with family and friends! You will not regret it. I promise more inspiration is coming. I have a bunch of Grey's Anatomy quotes I will be adding to my post "Grey's Anatomy Quotes" so I will update that, be sure to keep checking all you fellow Grey's An-addicts/fans. Also I will be posting the pictures I mentioned above and keep inspiring you always!

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