Saturday, April 2, 2011

Source Code

Tonight my sister, mom, and I had a mother-daughter night. We went to dinner and then to the movies. They made me go to Source Code. I was skeptical. I saw the trailers and liked the question Jake Gyllenhaal's character asks in it: "What would you do if you only had a minute left to live?" And the saying on the poster "Make each second count" is something I live my life by. But it seemed like it would be just another unoriginal, weird sci-fi movie. I was content with watching Jake Gyllenhaal for an hour and a half. He's gorgeous. Well I prejudged that movie! It was amazing. The best movie I've seen in the longest time! It's seriously one of my new favorite movies. The acting is incredible. It has the perfect mixture of all the genres: romance, comedy, drama, action, suspense, and sci-fi. It's creative and has a great plot. It has a few plot holes, but most movies do, and they are easily overlooked. I am in love with this movie. The message is to live life to the fullest, each second, and be happy. You choose to be happy or miserable. I loved this quote by Jake's character Colter Stevens: "Don't sweat the small stuff you'll end up drowning." It's so true. Always take the opportunity to let your loved ones know how much you love them, because you'll never know if it's your last chance. If you are going to see a movie, see this one. You won't be disappointed! It's inspiring. :) 

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  1. i loved it too, jake is adorable and the entire concept is really interesting! also really enjoyed the chicago shots, i'm inlove with this city :)