Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Little Princess (aka me)

Dear Little Princess*
   Look at you beautifulwith the elegance of a real royal princess and that smile that could light up this whole town. Your eyes wide, shinning brighter than the stars. So happy, confident, oblivious, stable, innocent, lovely. You hold the stars in your hands, the world. You dream at night of that prince who will take you away in a flowing white gownthe happiest day of your life. I want to bottle you and your dreams into protective, unbreakable jars. And set you out to sea enable you to see. That bright, mapped out, straight-forward, perfect fairytale futureit’s going to come crashing down and sadly will never be. Life isn’t ever what you think. Oh poor girl, only a few years left of make believe to shield you. Take each second and make it magic. Because there are real dragons around the corner you can’t begin to conceive. A storm is raging at the castle door. And the queen and king will be no more. It was all a mirage. Forever is never permanent here. Lay your head back down sweet girl and life those small hands and pray, pray, pray, never ceasing. The battle has just begun. The challenges will rock you to your very core. They will tear your heart at the seams. When it feels like your dreams are so farkeep believing, it’s your gift. The faith of an angel. If I were a princess my name would be Cinderella but without the prince who hasn’t come. You must be strong. Even if you’re alone at the setting sun. Many sleepless nights ahead of crying on your pillow. Tears running like a river threatening to drown you. I wish I could grant you three wishes. If you could see me now would I be a stranger? Someone you’d never want to be? The world is falling down on you, you want to disappear and run, r u n, run, far away. You think no one will find you or even look. Stay strong, fight the wrongs. Let your light shine from within to guide you through the darkest nights. When you feel lost and tossed all around with no control. When the world is staring with their glaring uncaring eyes, you feel so weak and cannot speak, seek inside for there’s the key. I’m with you and you are the princess in me. We’ve made it this far, with scars to prove it. Stronger, always getting stronger. I always wonder when did it all stop making sense? Could we have changed anything? I’ve lost everything. Maybe it never made sense in the first place. Remember there are miracles. It’s the possibility that keeps me goingand you may call me a dreamer or a fool or any other thing, but I believe that anything is possible. I’ve been through hell and will go through anythingface every fear, take every chance, fight every battle, and everything else for my happily ever after. They can take everything but that. Because I am a princess and so are you.
With love+

You/me (Future Princess)

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