Friday, May 27, 2011

I Will Survive

     Today, actually this entire week to be exact, has been asdkhl;e as in totally random, making no sense, and I'm unable to put in words the terrible, painful, nearly unbearable, crushing feelings the events have caused me to feel... but I keep holding on and breathing because I believe that it will all be okay in the end and something amazing is coming my way. I just have to be patient. And I'm going on a family cruise to the Bahamas next week with my family which is something to look forward to :) However, I still feel like my heart is in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean without oxygen and ready to burst because of the intense pressure pushing all around it. 
     This quote describes how I respond to the trials I've dealt with in the past and what I am doing through right now:
     "It was sort of the pattern to my life--It'd never been strong enough to deal with the things outside my control, to attack the enemies or outrun them. To avoid the pain. Always human and weak, the only thing I'd ever been able to do was keep going. Endure. Survive."
     Sometimes it's all you can do. It's doing what it takes to get through each day. You have to set goals and have hopes and dreams and even when they seem impossible, you have to keep pushing and holding on and never give up. Being defeated is only temporary. Giving up is what makes it permanent. I hope each and every one of you knows how important you are. I pray for you all. Everyone has problems, trials, and challenges. Some are better at hiding them than others. Some don't like to discuss them. Just remember you are never ever alone even when it feels like it. Stay strong and fight for the life and happiness you deserve.
With love,
Charley Brooke

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