Sunday, June 19, 2011

#36 Go to Prom 5/3/08

#36 Go to Prom
I went to my senior prom with my boyfriend (now ex) Sam. We had a wonderful time. We danced the night away and had a fancy dinner and it was a lovely time. I don't remember much about it other than it was great. After I ended things with Sam, a little more than a year ago, I destroyed some of my journal entries involving him. I just wanted to forget it all and not be haunted by the fact that I recorded nearly every detail and it was right there in front of me. I wasn't thinking clearly and wish I hadn't done that. Luckily I didn't rip out and throw away very much. It's like when some people break up and tear pictures of them to pieces. You always regret that a little bit. I have pictures saved from prom though!

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