Friday, June 24, 2011


No...not me!

Brooke & Don
One of my best friends Brooke is getting married!!! We've been friends since elementary school. She is in Europe traveling with her boyfriend Don. They've been dating for a few years. Don proposed to her yesterday in Paris, France at the Eiffel Tower :) How romantic and exciting. I am sooooo happy for them. I can't believe ANOTHER one of my friends is getting married. Soon I am going to be the only one who isn't and who is single. :( Bittersweet. It's crazy because growing up and in high school, we expected it to be completely opposite. I was always obsessing over getting married to my prince charming when I was young, planning the perfect dream wedding, and looking at all the gorgeous bridal gown magazines. Funny how life works... it's crazybeautiful. I will find the one when the time is right (if marriage/love is meant for me)... even though I wish it would hurry. I just have to be patient. Congrats Brooke and Don! I love you both.
 Brooke Ashley & Charley Brooke (me) being our silly selves! 
 Amazing memories at the Junior Civitan dance :)
From left: McHale (my sister), Brooke, and I going to homecoming. Brooke & I were Sophomores and McHale was a Freshman.

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