Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby, you're a firework

Dearest Lovelies,
     I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! We are all so immensely blessed. I love America with all of my heart. I'm extremely thankful for our freedom and the brave heroes (aka our soldiers) who dedicated their lives to defending it. Thank you! The fireworks were spectacular. They, of course, remind me of Katy Perry’s Firework song. You are all fireworks and have the potential to shine brighter than the sun and moon, you’ve just got to ignite the light and let it shine. Never let that spark inside burn out. It’s essential to stay positive and look on the bright side even in the darkest of times even if the only light is inside you. Spread you light and make an impact. One spark can start a fire. You may think your life is insignificant, that you are obsolete and worthless but it’s not true in the slightest. Did you know one star that we see from earth is actually thousands of stars in one. If we all let our light shine imagine how bright and lovely life could be! You are amazing. Light will always overcome the dark.
With love,
Charley Brooke

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