Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breaking Point

I need to improve on my posting! I have just been unbelievably busy. It's been an amazing week and it's only just begun. I hope everyone else is having a lovely summer. I hope you can forgive me for my lack of posting due to the fact it's summer. 
This is a picture of my best friend (older sister basically) Brie and I from our very last sleepover last year the day before her wedding. I miss sleepovers, but that's besides the point.
I was reading over an old journal from 2009 and came across the most amazing truth written by Brie that I feel the need to share with you. I hope it touches you like it did me.
"I personally feel that every person will be pushed never over but always as close to their breaking point as possible. Seeing your trials shows how far of a breaking point you have, showing how much you can handle, revealing you as the strong person you are."
Life is beyond beautiful. I am so blessed. I have been through much as I am sure everyone has. If you are going through tough times or feel you life is unfair and you are being dealt more hard times than you can handle, remember the above advice from Brie. It's true. The more trials we are put through, the stronger we become. I love you lovelies. I am ALWAYS here for you.
Today I'd like to express my love and gratitude for my dear family. My mom and stepdad decided to fly my sister Jordan, her friend Madison, and I in my stepdad's plane to Jackson Hole, Wyoming just to get ice cream and walk around. It was such a beautiful view going over the Tetons. I was nervous because I've always been too scared to ride with him. I am glad I decided to be fearless. It was Madison's first time flying and both of our first times in Jackson. 
It was pretty hilarious when Madison's mom called her right before we left and asked where she was. When she told her mom she was going to Wyoming, her mom didn't believe her. She told her to stop playing games. When we got to Jackson and were driving into town, we stopped and took a picture of Madison and Jordan in front of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming sign and sent it to Madison's mom. I love those priceless funny moments in my life.
My stepdad asked if we'd like him to take a detour and fly over Teton and Yellowstone National Parks on the way home. We all answered with a resounding yes! It was breathtakingly gorgeous. This place we call earth is truly amazing. We saw waterfalls, lakes, trees galore, and Old Faithful just as it was going off. Amazing.
We got home at night and as I drove home I was crossing my fingers hoping maybe I'd have a letter in the mail but all the while thinking I couldn't be that lucky. I checked the mail under a streetlight and couldn't contain my excitement and jumped up and down shouting out in bliss when I realized I had three letters from three of the most incredible, sweetest boys I know--Sid, Dakota & Taylor. Aw they all made me smile and were the perfect ending to this lovely summer day... 

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