Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Underage Thinking

“Sometimes the only way is jumping, I hope you’re not afraid of heights.”
-Gavin Degraw

“Don’t be insecure if you know your heart is pure.”
-Lady Gaga

“Hold out for the ones you know will love you.”
-Tegan & Sara

“Dream until your dream comes true.”

“Next time you point a finger, I’ll point you to the mirror.”

“Don’t waste your time or time will waste you.”

“If you choose not to decide, you will still have made a choice.”

“Explosions in the sky, your hand in mine.”

“Work for a cause not for applause. Live life to express not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed just make your absence felt.”

“I believe that one of life’s greatest risks is never daring to risk.”
-Oprah Winfrey

“Do you know where your heart is?”

“Never give up on the good times. Gotta believe in the love you find.”
-Spice Girls

“Dear whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keeping holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on.”

“One day when the sky is falling, I’ll be standing right next to you. Right next to you. Nothing will ever come between us, I’ll be standing right next to you, right next to you.”

“Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.”

“Love has a reason, there’s a meaning to the world. We’re giving love.”
-Gavin Degraw

“You like the adrenaline rush just a little too much. You go from day to day, hand to mouth and wonder why you’re unsatisfied.”
-Teddy Geiger

“Love is a marathon. That’s why you get tired so fast of everyone. Slow down and pace yourself. Cause when it’s good, it’s a long open road.”
-Teddy Geiger

“A photograph is usually looked atseldom looked into.”

“The problem with us girls is that we fall for boys who give us the sweetest words they never really mean.”

“People will talk about you when they envy you and the life you lead. Let them. You affected their life. Don’t let them affect yours.”

“Big or small, lies are still lies.”

“Day and night are linked together in a way that few things arethey cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel to be always together yet forever apart?”
-Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

“Good manners will open doors that even the best pick-up lines cannot.”

“I love books. I like that the moment you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be.”

“When I was younger I wanted to be something. Now I just want to be younger.”
-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“If someone really wanted you, they’d actually put some effort into trying to get your attention, and make sacrifices for you. They wouldn’t just tell you they want youthey’d show you in every little way possible that they want you.”

“You can go wherever you want. See whatever you want to but a place is only as good as the people you know in it.”
-I Am Number Four

“I can't believe what is in front of me
The water's rising up to my knees 
And I can't figure out
How the hell I wound up here
Everything seemed okay when I started out the other day 
Then the rain came pouring down
And now I’m drowning in my fears
And as I watch the setting sun 
I wonder if I’m the only one.”
-Teddy Geiger 

“Cause everybody tries to put some love on the line
And everybody feels a broken heart sometimes 
And even when I'm scared I have to try to fly
Sometimes I fall.
But I’ve seen it done before 
I got to step outside these walls
-Teddy Geiger

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
-Albert Pine

“New and unknown things can be frightening but extraordinary things better than you imagined can come from change. Change is good.”
-Charley Brooke

“Everyone wants the sun that lights up your life, but look for the moon who shines during your darkest times.”

“The longest wait is when you don’t know what you are waiting for.”

“Never settle for being someone’s other when you have the potential to be someone’s only.”

“What can I say, I’m substance over style.”
-Lindy, Beastly

“It’d be cool if there were coupons for more time in the day. Good for one 25 hour day.”
-Zooey Deschanel

“Although we forget, it’s proven true. No matter your situation, there’s someone for you. Don’t settle not just anyone will do. The solution is finding the one who loves you for you.”

“The problem is man fears man more than man fears God.”
-Austin Langhaim

“If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t make it ordinary.”

“Love never fails. If it fails, it’s not love.”

“There just comes a time in life when it’s so clear that moving on is the best decision.”

“Our hearts are heavy burdens we shouldn’t have to bear alone.”
-Go Radio

“I would rather be able to appreciate the things I cannot have than to have things I am not able to appreciate.”
-Khloe Kardashian

“You know why we should be genuine? Because it feels good to be, and be treated that way. We all have feelings and everyone’s matters. Point blank.”
-Mindy White

“Now our lives are changing fast, hope that something pure can last.”
-Ashley Benson

“You’re not lying, you’re just retelling the truth.”
-Pretty Little Liars

“People change. They grow.”
-Hanna, Pretty Little Liars

“The love inside, you take it with you.”
-Sam Wheat, Ghost

“Hearts are fragile. That’s why you have to be careful.”

“Happiness is found when no one is looking.”


“Sometimes we want to have growth without challenges and to develop strength without any struggle. But growth cannot come by taking the easy way.”
-Paul V. Johnson

“By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answer to our own.”
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someone’s life for eternity.”
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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