Friday, July 15, 2011


Amy Brenneman 
This lovely actress is 47 years old and best known for her roles in Casper, Judging Amy, NYPD Blues, and most recently Dr. Violet Turner on Private Practice. I LOVE Private Practice. The storylines and acting are phenomenal. Amy is incredible and does a wonderful job as Violet. She is quite the inspiring actress. I discovered in real life, Amy is every bit as amazing as Violet. I asked Amy on Twitter what is inspires her and here is her response...
Amy Brenneman
 The world is miraculous place. The people in my life make it easy for me to stay inspired.

The world truly is a miraculous place. I love her positivity. I agree 100% that the people in my life are what inspire me as well. Amy is such a sweetheart for answering my question. I am grateful for the love she has for her fans. Always remember miracles are happening everyday. Look to the people in your life (family, friends, etc) for inspiration and joy. If you would like to follow Amy on Twitter, you can find her at!/TheAmyBrenneman
You can see Amy in Private Practice Season 5 which premieres Thursday September 29th!

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