Sunday, August 7, 2011

#20 Dye My Hair Little Mermaid Red 8/4/11

The Girl Whose Hair Was On Fire

 #20 Dye My Hair Little Mermaid Red
I am so in love with my hair right now.
I wish I really was a mermaid princess.
Everyone has been receptive and leaving me the sweetest compliments about my hair. 
I've never had such a thing happen when my hair was blonde or brown. 
I guess red is my color! Everyone is loving it.
I must give credit to my darling sister McHale. 
My mom was a cosmetologist and taught my sister how to color hair so my sister does a fabulous job always! 
I wish I could pull off the red hair as stunningly as Kate Walsh, Liz Lee,  and Hayley Williams, but I think it looks decent on me. 
What do you think lovelies?
I adore you all! If you have red hair I'd love to see it! Post a comment/send a picture of it!

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