Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks & Hunger Games & 13 Reasons

I am still alive and full of inspiration--just a little (okay obviously not a little, more like A LOT) busy with school, work, life, etc... I promise to be better at sharing the inspiration with my nation. Because I do adore each and every single one of you with all the inspiration in me. You keep inspiring me and I will keep inspiring you. 
Lets talk about the busyness that is my life shall we?
Meet my lovely. absolutely amazing. more like sisters aka ROOMMATES in the #306.
Hannah Jane
This is us last Halloween at a dance.
Anyways, HJane and I have been friends since high school... Freshman year and we've been inseparable ever since. She has the cutest hair ever. I am so jealous of her beautiful red hairrrr. We call her big red sometimes, but in all fairness she calls me Charles and I hate that. She is the type of friend that drives me to the store at three in the AM to get children's Benedryl when I am covered in hives or she gives me my Epipen shot... that's a true friend. I run her the spare key she keeps in her pencil case in her room when she accidently locks her keys in her car at work (this happened tonight). She was captain of the dance team. She is majoring in mass communication. She is the Political Science Princess Ph.D and I am Dr. Princess Charley (inside joke) about us majoring in princessing. I have mentioned Hannah several times before. She is OBSESSED with Leonardo DiCaprio as am I. We both are Grey's An-addicts with passions for fashion. Her DVD tower in our living room is almost as tall as me and 30% are starring LEO. Haha Hannah is always telling me random stuff like right now she just informed me Oprah makes $10 a second.

Rian Elizabeth
This is Rian, myself, & Hannie.
Oh how I adore RiRi. We both loveee the Office. She has me hooked! I inspired her to create a list of things to do before she dies! You should make one too! It's Project Wish. It's life changing. Anyways, Ri is a vegetarian. She moved her from Las Vegas. She is such a fun girl. We can relate in so many ways when it comes to relationships and life experiences. She is an amazing cook. We have the best tea chats & are planning on having a fancy tea party because it's on both of our lists to accomplish. She is a sweetheart. Ri is majoring in pharmacy. We have the coolest tea cups ever. Word. Here is a picture :)

Janis Kaylee
Hannah, Rian, and I were roommates last year along with my amazing little sister McHale. This year we got a new roomie. This girl is wonderful. She fits right in with us. We all connected instantly. She is fun and open minded and I love her enthusiasm. She is graduating later this year in finance and accounting. She is so intelligent. Funny story: a few days after we moved in, Janis and I decided to go around our apartment complex and knock on doors to introduce ourselves and meet people. We went to the volleyball court in our complex and three boys were playing volleyball. They invited us to join. We said we preferred to watch. Well I wrote my phone number and name on a piece of paper and decided to put it in the shoe of this super cute blond boy who is LDS (my religion). There were two pairs of shoes on the ground. Janis and I chose the ones that seemed to fit the boy and she was on guard and let me know when none of them were looking and I put the paper in the shoes and we left. Haha. Another silly Charley moment... I haven't heard from the boy :( I hope it was the right pair of shoes!!! Oh and she makes the best blueberry muffins and cookies ever.

Okay work seemed like a horror movie the other day... maggots were coming out of a patients wound, spewing all over the floor, climbing up the walls!!! Ahhhh scary. 

Everyone should read The Hunger Games series including The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. The best books ever. I have never experienced post book depression this bad. I was left breathless by these books and spent all my free time in Katniss's world. I am still thinking about them. I LOVE PEETA MELLARK. So much that I made a fake Facebook account for Peeta and am now in a relationship on Facebook with Peeta Mellark ;) The funniest part is that many of my friends and family don't read so they think Peeta is real. The saddest part is that I wish more than anything that Peeta was real and that it was true. 

Aren't Peeta and I a cute couple?! Haha a girl can dream... this is Josh Henderson and he is the actor who is playing Peeta in the movie version of the books.

Also YOU MUST READ Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher. 

This book is absolutely life changing. I am not finished with it but already I am so emotional over it. I would never do what Hannah does, but there are people and stories that have flooded into my mind of the thirteen people in my life who would be on my list that have made my life hell and hurt me through their carelessness and actions and words and who have made me feel like giving up at times. Of course, those thirteen people will never see this because they don't know I have a blog (to my knowledge) nor do they care. This book makes you realize that your actions really do affect people and that all someone really needs to do is care.

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