Monday, August 8, 2011

You Know You're A Grey's Anatomy Fan When

You Know You're A Grey's Anatomy Fan When:
1. You use the word 'seriously' more often than not. Seriously? Seriously! SERIOUSLY?!
2. You consider Seattle Grace Mercy West a real place. 
3. You never think twice about what you're doing on Thursday nights.
4. You own every song that's ever been played during the show.
5. You've started to give people Mc-Nicknames.
6. You count down the days until the new seasons premieres.
7. You feel like you could become a doctor from all the medical info you learned from the show.
8. You are currently waiting for your 'knight in shining whatever'.
9. You will never look at a ferry boat the same way again.
10. You go to the hospital and are disappointed when McDreamy doesn't walk in the room.
11. You shutter when you hear the name Gary Clark.
12. You can recite monologues better than Ellen Pompeo herself.
13. You find yourself asking people: "Pig or cow?"
14. You wish you had an Anatomy Jane doll growing up.
15. You call your best friend your "person".
16. You hear Arizona and think of the Peds surgeon not the state.
17. You refer to children as "tiny humans".
18. You cried when George O' Malley died.
19. You wonder why real surgeons don't look like the surgeons at Seattle Grace.
20. You get the dark and twisties every once in a while.
21. You find yourself asking: "What Would Bailey Do?"
22. You class surprise parties as hostile.
23. You hated April in the beginning, but now you kinda have to love her.
24. You know you never say "It's a slow day in the pit."
25. You know never to look at Bailey's va-jay-jay.
26. You wish you were roommates with Izzie, George, and Meredith.
27. Your fear of elevators has nothing to do with elevators.
28. You now know what not to do when disarming a bomb from somebody's body cavity.
29. You are seriously thinking of naming your future kid after a Grey's Anatomy surgeon.
30. You lie on the bathroom floor when you're depressed.
31. You turn off your phone during the show so no one bothers you.
32. You never want to be known as 007.
33. You dance out your problems.
34. Izzie was and always will be your favorite character.
35. You can name each cast member, past and present, their character names, and their story.
36. You refer to smiley people as "bright and shiny".
37. Thursday becomes your favorite day of the week.
38. Shonda Rhimes is your best friend and your worst enemy,
39. The word "ass" is your go to insult.
40. Singing "Like A Virgin" helps you blow off steam.
41. You know that the five second rule doesn't just apply to food.
42. You wish you and your friends could hang out at Joe's Bar.
43. You have moments where you can "see the leaves".
44.You hate when McDreamy is being a McAss.
45. You got a scrub shirt to wear when you watch Grey's.
46. You get emotional every time you hear "Chasing Cars" on the radio.
47. You qualify "heavy drinkers" as people who drink Meredith Grey amounts of tequila.
48. You fight with other fans over whether classic or new Grey's Anatomy is better.
49. You've watched all the seasons more than once.
50. You want a sparkle pager like Meredith.
51. You want to slide down Owen and Cristina's file pole.
52. You  go crazy during each hiatus.
53. The thought of the show ending makes you cry like a baby.
54. You want an elevator make out session.
55. You want an "Alex Karev" kind of kiss.
56. You want a pair of heelys just because Arizona had them.
57. You just want Alex Karev to have a happy ending.
58. You can't wait to see April as Chief Resident.
59. Standing on air vents helps you relax.
60. The world LVAD makes you cringe.
61. You are still trying to figure out how McDreamy's hair stays so perfect in Seattle where it always rains.
62. You have Bailey's five rules memorized.
63. Kevin McKidd's Twitter is your best friend right now.

My Alex Karev T-shirt I wear every Thursday :)
 My Grey's calender by my safety stick haha.
Like Izzie lying on the bathroom floor.

Those of you suffering from Post Grey's Depression--feelings of sadness, not knowing what to do with your life and pain your heart until the next season returns, As a fellow Grey's An-addict I thought this list was cute and so true. 
Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Premiere- Thursday September 22. It will be a two-hour episode called Free Falling
Private Practice Season 5 Premiere- Thursday September 29

Lovelies if you can think of more things to add to the list feel free to comment below! I'd love to hear your ideas.

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