Sunday, October 30, 2011


I love boys who...

Anything you would add to the list? What qualities would you add to your boys who list? <3

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Charley (me) in my angel costume...

Me & my pumpkin. 

 My "Welcome" pumpkin :)

 Dan (Rian's boyfriend)'s headless horseman pumpkin.

 Rian's cute pumpkin :)

 Me & my girls/roommates carving pumpkins while listening to Christmas music because we're awesome like that!

 Ri & Dan carving their pumpkins

Aw Ri & Janis... I love these girls.

I was an angel last year... This is my costume.

 Mariana & I on our way to a Halloween dance in 2010.

Lovelies, can I just say I love HALLOWEEN?! It's one of my most favorite holidays.
Fall is my favorite season.
I love being able to dress up for one day of the year and be anything your heart desires.
I love carving pumpkins which I did with the girls--Rian & Janis--a few days ago. We love holidays. Halloween and Christmas are the best to us so we carved pumpkins while listening to Christmas music--the best of both worlds :) Then we separated the seeds from the gooey, stringy, messy pumpkin guts and made baked pumpkin seeds with different spices and cinnamon and sugar. They were amazing! Can I just say that the person who invented the pumpkin scraper is a genius? We also watched "Hocus Pocus" which is the absolute most incredible Halloween classic movie in our opinions.
Last Halloween, I dressed up as an angel. 
This Halloween I thought about being an angel again. I have a blonde wig and more to add to the costume than I did the previous year. Above are some pictures of me in my new angel costume. Well I also want to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I have a cute costume with a Dorothy dress and her ruby red slippers. I can't make my mind up on which to be. Maybe I will be both! 1/2 of the day as Dorothy and the other as an angel. What do you think I should be for this Halloween? 
The ultimate Halloween costume for me would be Rose from Titanic. 
Unfortunately finding an affordable costume/dress like Rose's is nearly impossible.
They have patterns to sew one. I guess if I want to be Rose I will have to make my own dress or have someone else do it.
I want to be Rose next Halloween and will make it happen! 
What are you dressing up for this year?! 
I'd love to see pictures of you lovelies in your lovely costumes & hear your Halloween plans.
I work on Monday and am dressing up. We get to dress up where I work and have a costume contest.
Then I plan on going to my mom's house to make Halloween goodies and watch "Hocus Pocus" in her theater room.
After that, I am going to spend Halloween with Tyson & Brie! We will have a blast. We're going to go on a photoshoot with our costumes. They bought a Halloween pinata, because pinatas are fun and Brie thinks we should have to work for our candy :) I always have a good Halloween with those two!
Oh and I must mention... Jordan (the little sister) & I went to dinner Friday night at Pizza Hut when the weirdest moment of my life happened...
We had just gotten our food when this large group of 6+ people come in with Halloween costumes on. They came up to our table and this boy asked me if he could feed me a bite of my food. I was just in shock because how could you not be? He asked if he could feed me a bite of a breadstick and the others would take pictures of him doing it...haha strange right?!
Well I let him because he was nice and a little cute.
Wanna know the things I LOVE about fall? 
-Rainy days
-Oversized sweaters
-Kissing cold lips
-Excuses to cuddle
-Knowing winter is coming
-Bath & Body Works Sweet Pumpkin collection
-Pumpkin pie/cookies/pancakes
-Haunted houses
-Ghost stories
-Halloween movie marathons
-Dressing up
-Crisp fall air
-Jumping in piles of leaves
-The breathtakingly bright magnificent colors of reds, oranges, & yellows of the leaves changing colors
-Shopping for new fall clothes