Monday, October 10, 2011

Forever & Always

Can I just say when you are going through a hard time and thing things will never get better, they will. ALWAYS. You have to hang out and not let go. Never give up. Time truly does heal everything. Waiting for things to get better is a challenge, it's painful, it feels like things will never get better... but they will. You have to stay strong when all is going wrong. 
Quote of the day
"There are seven billion people on this planet. Don't let one ruin your day."
There are many changes taking place in my life for the better. 
I have been outrageously busy in the last week.
I went to SLC last weekend with my dear mother for some quality mother daughter time. We went to dinner, saw a movie, and stayed in a hotel. The next day we shopped all day! I love shopping. It was incredibly fun. I am blessed. Everyone should have weekends like that every once in a while.
When we got home Saturday night, I had a girls night with my friend Paige. It was so much fun! We shopped, went to dinner, and watched movies. I adore Paige. She is a sweetheart and such a great friend.
I am looking forward to the changes that are yet to come. I am ready for them.
I don't want to turn 22 on Friday... :( I want to be forever young. 
I am trying to think of a birthday wish... I didn't make one last year. Does that mean I get two this year? I think so. I'd wish to stay young always, but I am pretty sure that's not going to happen. I can be young at heart. I must think of some amazing wishes, and I hope they come true.
Happy birthday to all of you who have birthdays in October!
I dedicate this blog post in memory of Jaden Schenk- he was a friend of my sister Jordan's and was a wonderful person. It's so sad he was only 16. It's always tragic when people die so young. I feel as though he changed the lives of so many and touched lives more than some people do in a lifetime. I know he's in a better place, and I look forward to getting to know him better in the next life. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Jordan said what she loved best about Jaden was that he was ALWAYS smiling, she never once saw him in a bad or sad mood. That is inspiring. 
Life is so fragile. You think you will live forever and the truth is you never know when it will be your time...when your loved ones and friends will be gone... You might not get to see tomorrow. You should always tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. Take chances. Don't wait to live your life... this is your life. Make the best of it.
I love you lovelies.
Charley Brooke

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