Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I Love About Winter

all pictures are from thingsiloveaboutwinter.tumblr.com
There are more things I love about winter listed on that blog but these are my faves!
What do YOU love about winter?

Thanks For The Memories

Happy late Thanksgiving :)
I have sooo much to be thankful for.
Especially each and every single one of you.
My followers and readers.
I am thankful for you.
You inspire me and this Inspiration Nation is for you.
There aren't words to describe how much room you fill in my heart. 
I think about all of you even if I don't know each of you.
I appreciate your love for me and taking the time to read what I write even if it's insignificant.
Thank you.
I am always always always here for you.
The question on everyone's mind on Thanksgiving is what are you thankful for?
My answer is a question: what aren't I thankful for?
Okay, obviously I'm not grateful, and I dislike, bad things such as war, hate, crime, indifference, pain, intolerance, suffering, etc, but in a way I am thankful for it all.
The world.
The stars.
The universe.
Most of all our dear Heavenly Father who created it all who gave this to us and our savior Jesus Christ's atonement and example of love for all.
Without dark there would be no light.
Without suffering there would be no compassion.
Without the bad, we wouldn't know or appreciate the good.
Our Savior is the best example of all that I love, the good stuff, and pure selflessness because He is perfect and made it possible in this life for all of our suffering, hardships, sadness, and trials to be overcome. 
He gave his life to save us.
Everything happens for a reason.
All is and will be well.
I know it's cliche and I say it all the time, but it's cliche for a reason and it's true.
Life may seem unfair at times and downright impossible, but it's just an illusion. All the wrongs will be made right in the end.
Our trials help us grow, bring us together, realize we need each other, help us love and appreciate life, everyone, everything.
They make us stronger and turn us into our best selves if we do our parts, stay strong, have faith, patience, help others, and never give up but just keep pushing through with all it takes and holding on.
We will all get our happily ever after and for this I am thankful and grateful for everything... not just today but everyday with all of me.
(I know not everyone has the same religious beliefs as I do. I do not apologize for expressing my views and beliefs on my blog so freely. I speak what I know to be true. I do however respect and appreciate and love all of my readers who feel differently or have different beliefs. I am thankful for the freedom we have to be able to express our views and beliefs and practice them, this is yet another blessing.)
Continuing on...
Family is most important... you can't spell fam(ily) without ily-I Love You. I have the most amazing friends and family that I love with all of my heart and am blessed beyond the slightest comprehension to have in my life. I would give everything and do anything for them.
I love that Thanksgiving brings families and all of us together. 
Thank you lovelies.

What did you do for Thanksgiving?!
I'd love to hear about it :)

Here are some pre-Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving-Eve) pictures Imma share with you!
Me & the lovely Paige. 
Friends help friends bake Thankgiving dinner haha.
Paige & I helped my mom make the most amazing pumpkin pies ever.

Charley and Paige

Betty Crocker/housewife (my amazing mom) baking some of our Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course the boys just watched and goofed off while the girls did all the work... typical haha
My stepbrother Colton, stepdad, and stepbro Tanner.

 Okay I chopped this celery for the stuffing. I know it's random to put a picture of it but there's a story to tell.
So I got a little cocky chopping that and wanted to be all kitchen top chef baker girl and tried to chop it WAY fast like the pros do... yeah I almost cut off my finger haha. Anyways I hate celery. I think it tastes like a Christmas tree... NO I have not ever ate or tasted a Christmas tree, I just think it takes like a Christmas tree smells if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Paige cut the onions and diced them. Poor girl! She was crying so hard because of the onions. Her eyes were red and she was temporarily blinded. What a great friend to help and get battle wounds from making Thanksgiving dinner with me. 

 Aw presh... mom & stepdad

Haha silly me showing off my new outfit (thanks mom!)