Saturday, November 12, 2011

ACT. This is [was] HaLLoWeeN

Halloween 2009
Two years ago, I was a nurse for Halloween :)
Halloween of 2009 was spent with Brie, Ty, and Sam (my exboyfriend).
We had lots of fun going around taking pictures in the graveyard, ISU and other places.
Sam was a doctor.

Brie & Ty were masquerade. So cute.
Then we went to Pizza Hut and had dinner. It was a great time.

Halloween 2010
 Me. Mariana. & McHale (sister) went to an Institute Halloween dance.
I was an angel, Mariana was masquerade, and McHale was Jonah Hex.
It was a blast!

We convinced Hannah to come. She joined us at the Halloween dance and had fun! She dressed up as someone from the '80s. 
After we danced the night away haha we went to Walmart and bought a bunch of snacks.
Then McHale, Hannah, and our friend Tod came over and we watched some scary movie

My angel costume from 2010.

 We even tried to make our house as "Halloween-ish" on our college budgets.

 That is our witch we put on the window.

 Gotta love the cheap paper Halloween chandelier. 

 Another shot of the living room in #305.

 This was our sitting area on our balcony. We hung up Halloween lights and leaves along the balcony posts.

Haha that vampire was scary! We all would walk into the kitchen late at night at different times and all were freaked out when we saw Drake (that's what we named him) because the darkness made him look like a person! 

Halloween 2011
Me in my angel costume & blonde wig.

 A (Aubrey) "Brie", C (Charley" "CiCi" Me). & T (Tyson) "TyTy" 
went on another annual Halloween photo shoot at our beloved shutdown elementary school--Bonneville Elementary.
Brie and Ty were both pirates, and I was an angel.
This is us trying to be fierce!

 Snow [less] angel.

 Daydreaming. This is one of my favorites because it has a movie/dreamlike quality.

 The angel & The Pirate-ess

 Tyson's photography skills amaze me.

 My photography skills amaze me too :) 

 My best friends are pirates!

 It's a love/hate relationship haha... TOTALLY kidding. It's all love.

 Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for Brie & Ty

 Not to sound proud or bragging, but this picture I look of Brie was harder than it looks to take and turned out incredibly.

 I'm flying, she is watching.

 Aw kiss recreation from a photo of Sam & I two years prior.

 No one messes with Brie.
 Hate my smile but love you--XOXO

 To fly you must let go, ignore the risk, & take a chance.

These next shots are adorable. Someone drew that I <3 (heart) to the left of Brie and it makes for some cute pictures. I heart Brie!

 I <3 ?

 Brie hearts Ty.

 Best friends don't let best friends make bad decisions. 

 We didn't have anyone to take these pictures for us so we each had to trade being photographers to being photographed... so the three of us rarely got any pictures together. We put our camera on a staircase and set a timer so we could all pose. This picture turned out amazingly I must say. It shot it right at the right time!

 Aww presh... husband/wife laugh. so happy! I captured this moment.

 Another picture of the three of us. The "Fab Three" 

About this Halloween...
I got all dressed up for work in my angel costume. 
They told us everyone could dress up.
Soo... I get to work, and I'm the ONLY one who dressed up...
Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed.
Luckily, EVERYONE (coworkers and patients) loved it and went on all the about how cute I looked.
Some people even said I looked like a Victoria's Secret angel.
It was worth dressing up to see some of our older residents eyes light up like I was a magic angel.
I'm glad I dressed up. 
You only get to do that once a year.
Brie, Ty, & I had our Bonneville/Halloween photo shoot.
We hadn't had one since Sam and I were dating and Tyson and Brie had just started dating.
It's so sad how that school is falling apart and people are disrespecting it by breaking the windows and graffiting things. 
I'll never forget the Bonneville years and memories made there.
Those can't be damaged or torn away like the building.
Our photo shoot was fun and turned out cute.
I must admit for being amateurs we did quite a good job with the resources we had. :)
I LOVE how they turned out as you can see above.
When the shoot was finished, we headed to the Young's.
They bought this rad spider pinata that we all took turns hitting.
Brie believes on the matter was we should have to work for our candy.
I sure did, and I have the battle scars to prove it!
We were hitting the pinata with force because it wouldn't break.
Then the broom we were using to hit it broke and gashed my finger--the cut was rather deep.
Ty and Brie nursed me up though.
Those two are the best.
We finally broke it though and got our candy.

After that I headed to my mom's house. 
My stepdad was out of town so she wanted to hang out.
McHale (sister) spent some time with us too.
Mom made dinner and we all talked and watched Hocus Pocus (which in my opinion, is the best Halloween movie ever).
There were no trick or treats--it's not at all surprising due to the fact their house is so isolated and way up in the mountains with basically no neighborhood.
Oh well haha... more candy for us ;)
To sum it all up, it was a very Happy Halloween!

"Fear plays an interesting role in our life. How dare we let it motivate us, how dare we let it into our decision making, into our livelihoods, into our relationships. It's funny isn't it, we take a day a year to dress up in costume and celebrate fear."
-Robert California (The Office) 

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