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Keep Your Head Up (Andy Grammer 2012)

January 24th, 2012
was a Tuesday and...
The best day of this year (so far) because it was the
Andy Grammer concert in SLC at the State Room

I adore Andy Grammer. 
I just love this boy.
His music inspires me beyond comprehension.
Haha being that I live in Idaho, many people were asking who Andy Grammer was since I've been going on and on about how I got tickets for his concert right when I found out his tour dates. I would respond each time, "He sings that song you gotta keep your head up!" To which everyone would go "OH! Yeah I LOVE that song!" It made me laugh. His entire album is spectacular. I recommend it highly. 
Here is the story of the best day of this year...
Me getting ready for the concert!
It was a dream come true... the Andy Grammer concert in SLC at The State Room!!! I can't stop smiling. My mom insisted I take Aiden because he'd been texting me randomly out of nowhere. She said I should "be nice" and invite him. I didn't know who else to invite because my other friends couldn't come. I still wasn't exactly a fan of the idea of asking Aiden to come. I opted for my mom to come before Aiden. She had to work though :( SO I invited Aiden. He said yes. I wished anyone BUT Aiden could've came with me but oh well. Even Aiden couldn't ruin my time. 
Speaking of Aiden, he was unbelievably inconsiderate every step of the way... 
I don't like Aiden as anything more than a friend, but I still find it rude that on the drive to SLC he was nonstop texting & calling people WHILE DRIVING. Unsafe to start with. He is kinda a player haha. It was a little humorous... Examples of his conversations... "Oh heyyyy Jessica, yeah we're still on for going snowmobiling this weekend!" or "Amanda, I can't wait for our date on Thursday!" Seriously?! 
Can I just say I am glad he broke up with me back in October 2010. This quote describes my feelings about Aiden... "Ironically, he inspires me more than anyone because he shows me what I don't want and sometimes that's the only way to discover the things you do want."
I know what I want and it most definitely is not him.
Since I bought the tickets, Aiden payed for dinner.
We stopped and ate at Tucanos Brazillian Grill... it served THE BEST lemonade in the world!
I got full just drinking endless glasses of raspberry and pineapple lemonade--it was like a taste of heaven and I'm not even the biggest fan of lemonade to begin with.
After dinner we headed to The State Room for the concert!!!
I was beyond excited, whatever that is. I was all smiles. It made Aiden laugh. Aiden and I got to stand at the front of the stage in the very center aka the best place to be. The concert started at 8:00. Two people opened for Andy. First was Rachel Platten who has this hit song on the radio called "1,000 Ships". She was great. I'm jealous of her voice and piano skills. 
After Rachel came Ryan Star. I hadn't the slightest idea of who he was. Aiden and I made friends with this silly drunk couple in their late 40s. The wife was obsessed with Ryan. She came just for him. Once he started playing, I immediately realized I knew who he was. I'd heard his music. He is incredibly talented not to mention attractive. Ryan sings "Breathe", "Start A Fire", and "Brand New Day" among many other songs. 
When Ryan finished, there was a break to set up Andy's set. Ryan went into the lobby to meet fans. Aiden saved my spot up front so I could go see Ryan.
Ryan & me

 You should check out his album "11:59"!

Ryan & Charley

He was really sweet. We took a few pictures together (as you can see) and hugged. I wanted to stay and talk with him longer, but I was there for the boy I absolutely love and adore--Andy Grammer--and I didn't want to miss even a second of Andy! 
I made my way back to my place. Aiden and I talked with some other Fandies (Andy fans). Everyone was really nice. I was surprised the turn out was rather scarse. The room could fit 350 people, and I'd say there were only a little more than 100. I was fine with that though because it was more intimate. 
All of the sudden, the lights went out and one of my favorite songs, Coldplay's "Paradise" came blaring through the speakers and then the lights came on and Andy entered the stage and took a seat at the keyboard directly in front of me... only a few feet away. My heart went wild. I love love love concerts. They make me feel so alive. Andy was even better in person, live. He has the best sense of humor. I love his positivity. He is devastatingly handsome, absolutely breathtaking. No words can do his talent justice. 
I was dancing, singing along, jumping up and down, clapping, and letting the music coarse through me like the blood in my veins, my pulse, my heartbeat.
I don't remember the last time I've felt that alive, that happy. During that hour or so with Andy, the music was all that mattered. All of my worries, cares, problems, and fears faded far, far away. They vanished. It was amazing. Andy sang all of the songs from his album including my favorites "Miss Me", "Slow", and "The Pocket". He saved his hit, and my all time favorite, "Keep Your Head Up" until the end, the best for last! It was a rush. Everyone sang along to that song as one. That song means more to me than anyone will ever realize. It's saved me. I first heard it during rough times I was going through last year on the radio as I was driving. It was as if it was written for me, the answer to my prayers. My song. That was the moment I fell in love with Andy Grammer. Music can change lives. It saves lives. It makes life better.
Andy told us he lost his mom three years ago when he was 25 and that she was an inspiration for many of his songs. He is incredible, truly an amazing man. He played on the streets of LA for years until he made it and got his big break. He never gave up and kept his head up, even when people told him he would never make it. He is an inspiration. He told us to never ever give up on our dreams and doing what we love.
He also sang two covers that I thought sounded better than the originals--"We Found Love" (originally by Rihanna) and the wonderful "Chasing Cars" (originally by Snow Patrol). I loved it. That was the best concert I've ever been blessed to attend. I wish I had a musical talent. If I could have any super power, I'd choose a beautiful singing voice. I consider that a super power. Music is powerful and magical.
The end came too soon. I wish I could've slowed down time during that concert. I didn't want it to end. Most people left once it was over. Aiden went out to the car, but I hung around in the lobby. I was determined to meet the boy I love. I was waiting for Andy. Rachel and Ryan were still out there. I wanted to meet Rachel so I went over and talked with her.
Rachel & me

Oh my! Rachel is not only gorgeous on the outside, she's beautiful on the inside. She is a total sweetheart. While we talked, she focused all of her attention on me. She asked what my name was and acted like we were friends and told me I was pretty and she was glad I came. Then as I was walking away, she said, "It was so nice to meet you Charley!" Aw.
A few minutes after I walked away from Rachel, people were gasping and getting excited. I turned and saw what I'd been dreaming of as Andy entered the room. Everyone just stood around awkwardly frozen as if in shock. So I walked right over to Andy and introduced myself. I said, "Hi! I'm Charley!" Andy replied with a smile, "Hi Charley!" We took a picture together and hugged. Then as I was leaving, Andy called out, "It was lovely meeting you dear!" 
 The lovely Andy and me!

Aw. I love that boy even more now that I've seen him live and met him in person. I adore Andy and meeting him was an enchanting experience. It was a perfect time. The best night of 2012, I don't know if anything, anytime, or any night for the rest of this year could compare to that night. A dream come true...
Keep your head up :)
Keep Your Head Up -Andy Grammer
I've been waiting on a sunset
Bills on my mindset
I can't deny they're getting high
Higher than my income, income's bread crumbs
I've been trying to survive
The glow that the sun gets right around sunset helps me to realize
This is just a journey
Drop your worries, you are gonna turn out fine
You turn out fine
Fine, oh, you turn out fine...
[Chorus] But, you gotta keep your head up
Oh oh
And you can let your hair down
Eh eh
You gotta keep your head up
Oh oh
And you can let your hair down
Eh eh
I know it's hard, know it's hard to remember sometimes
But, you gotta keep your head up
Oh, oh
And you can let your hair down
Eh eh eh eh eh
I got my hands in my pockets kicking these rocks
It's kinda hard to watch this life go by
I'm buying into skeptics
Skeptics mess with the confidence in my eyes
I'm seeing all the angles thoughts get tangled
I start to compromise my life and my purpose
Is it all worth it? Am I gonna turn out fine?
Oh, Oh, you turn out fine
Fine, oh oh you turn out fine
Only rainbows after rain
The sun will always come again and 
It's a circle, circling around again
It comes around again
I said only rainbows after rain
The sun will always come again and 
it's a circle, circling around again
It comes around
Keep your head up
Oh oh
And you can let your hair down
Eh eh

The Pocket -Andy Grammer
Do you want to be my love, my side, my heart, and my eyes
My world, my pride, my stars and my skies
I'm looking for a queen who's more than gorgeous on a movie screen
I'm looking for the cover girl of dignified beauty magazine
I want dimples, and simple symbols that she's sweet
Wrinkles her nose, expose what I mean
I am looking for a four-course meal that isn't based in base desire
I am looking for a lady who knows her soul is more than an appetizer
Just one more thing
Just one more thing
[Chorus] Do we fit in the pocket, can we fit sit back in the pocket
When the dreams and the drums start rocking
Can we dance with our knees not knocking, knocking
See I, I want a lady I can put stock in
I want a bass and back beat to lock in
I want to know real love's not forgotten, not forgotten
I want a teacher who's eager to speak her mind
Delicate features, sweet with her tongue so kind
I'm looking for the markers that say "permanent" so we can share
I'm looking for a love that's still alive and well in rocking chairs
I want faithful, and stable, able to grow
Beauty that moves me and improves my soul
I'm looking for a shining light that likes to fight and persevere
I'm looking for a lady that wants to make me part of her atmosphere
Just one more thing
Just one more thing
All I need to know is
Are you clear on who you are
Do you love it
When this world starts getting hard
Will you rise above it, rise above it [Chorus]x2

On a completely unrelated note, I am reading this book Awaken and have to share some quotes I like from it.
"You can meet one person and your world can change forever."

"It's easy to forget at this moment billions of people exist and far-off galaxies are being born and stars collide. Kissing is its own kind of collision, it produces its own planetarium of lights inside your head. For me, it was like seeing colors for the first time after living in a black and white world. A single person can be just as wide and vast and spellbinding as any sky full of stars. They can make you think the world stops and night can last forever."

"It's easy to have an opinion, but change only comes when you put your ideas into action."

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