Friday, March 16, 2012

Un-Valentines Day (makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland)

     Since I made that Valentinespiration post with all the cutesy/fun ideas, I want to hear about how your day of love (or lack thereof) went! 
     This is what happened on mine...
     Tuesday February 14, 2012-Valentines Day
     Okay it felt more like Un-Valentines Day. 
Valentines Day always makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland.
I so desperately want to fit in and be found and feel like it's where I'm meant to be, but somehow it's where I'll never belong.
Everything is wrong and upside down and backwards. I am too big or too small. I don't fit. 
I just have to stick to the motto of my Dove chocolate wrapper--BYOV-Be Your Own Valentine. 
I wish Jack Dawson could be my Valentine... A girl can dream and wish and hope, especially today. 
Anna (one of my roommates) left me a box of candy hearts at my door which was nice! My lovely mom was a sweetheart and got me a Valentines present, chocolate, a card, and a necklace and matching earrings that look like the Titanic heart but are red. I love her. She never fails to make this day special for me. She bought us heart shaped pizza for dinner too!
She had to work and my stepdad was in Montana. He sent her this HUGE amazing bouquet of flowers and a bigger basket full of gifts that were supposed to be delivered to her house before she went to work. Well they ended up coming late. So Chrish (the little brother) and I played Cupids and drove to the hospital where she works along with her flowers and presents.
We got to the lobby of the floor she worked which was deserted. There were these "future doctor" or "future nurse" hats for little kids to wear when they came by for tours and some masks nearby, so...
Christian and I put some on and were being sillies haha...
We made my mom laugh when she finally came out and got her flowers and gifts delivered by future Dr. Charley and future Dr. Christian=night made for her :)
I went to the Singles/Anti-Valentines Day (because it sounds better than SAD-Singles Awareness Day) party at my apartment that the girls put on. Anna, Colette, and Erin invited a bunch of their friends over and we all sat in our living room and watched The Godfather. That's right... love mafia style. It was awesome. Now that's what I call Un-Valentines Day!

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