Monday, March 19, 2012

Where I Stood

This is me wayyyy back when... 2008! Little C.
I was reading a journal from then and came across this paragraph I wrote and was in awe over the profoundness of it, the truth and how my little teenager self was wise beyond comprehension (for the most part). I look back on some of my writing from then and shake my head and want to destroy it cause some of it is just silly and downright terrible... but I guess that's part of growing up. You keep pushing forward, continually learning and practice and dedication and experience are what mold us into the person we're meant to be. 
I love this quote that I wrote then so here it is...
"No, we can't change the world by ourselves, or everyone in it, or anyone for that matter, but I KNOW we can and must change ourselves individually. Imagine how extraordinary this world has the potential to be if we all look deep inside of ourselves and peer into our hearts and souls and discover all the good inside and how we could spread it to others and become amazing. Only you can control your life and the path you travel no matter your circumstances or how things are around you. You can take destiny and fate and make it what you want of it. I'm not perfect at all but each and everyday I try to be a better person, the best me, and live a great life and do amazing things, not just for me but for the ones in the hopes that maybe in the process of accomplish my own goals and achieving dreams that seemed unrealistic, I can inspire others to do the same."
We can't do everything but we can do something and sometimes it turns out to be more than anything we could've imagined. We have to do what we can. If everyone, or even a large majority, in the world did this, dreamed, cared, and gave their all, how much more beautiful life would be... Make your life spectacularly beautiful and share that beauty with others. 

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