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The Biebs gave me a hug & called me sweetie!
Saturday January 5, 2013 SLC
"Everything starts from something. But something would be nothing. Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me. Where would you be if you didn't believe. Believe."
-Justin Bieber

"I'm telling you. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your heart and dreams and don't let anyone stop you. Never say never."

"The success I've achieved comes to me from God."

"You can't fly unless you let yourself fall."

Me & my CURLY hair getting ready to meet the Biebs :)

Here comes the story of an adventurous weekend, of living life to the fullest, of making impossible dreams possible. Of meeting Justin Bieber. Unless you live an isolated life in the most remote parts of the world with no technology whatsoever, you KNOW who Justin Bieber is... he's currently one of the most famous and successful singers/artists of all time. He's the Biebs. He has an insane group of girls who are obsessed with Bieber. They're called "Beliebers" and they scared me! I'm not a Belieber, but I do believe in him, the message he promotes about believing in yourself and making your dreams come true, letting nothing get in your way or no one stop you, and I think he's an amazing person. He's a cutie with off-the-charts, mind blowing talent. He was born to dance and sing. He inspires me. 
To continue the saga of this enchanting Bieber Fever weekend, my brother Christian (we call him Lambsey... don't ask!) went to the concert and meet and greet with me. We went to SLC and got all ready to meet Bieber. We had to meet this man named Lars in this secretive will call place in the Energy Solutions Arena and talk to him on my cell phone so the "Beliebers" wouldn't rush in and storm the place. Can I just say it was freezing outside! Below freezing. Lambsey and I rushed to meet Lars at 3:30. I admire the storm of "Beliebers" standing in the cold waiting to see a glimpse of him. I couldn't do it.
The cold hurt but was worth the warmth of butterflies swarming in my stomach and being held in Justin's arms, full of pure adrenaline, light radiating from his smile and presence. Lars gave us our meet and greet VIP passes and tickets. Then we, and around 30-40 other VIPs, were escorted by all of this security to this weird, sketchy underground tunnel. 
That's me in the sketchy tunnel with my neon orange VIP wristband. #thethingsyougothroughtomeetjustinbieber
After about 30 minutes of standing in this tunnel, everyone stars talking to each other about how we got our passes and where we were from. Everyone was so nice. We all wondered what the hold up was. It got to be around 5:00. The waiting seemed endless. Then FINALLY the meet and greet started. I was unbelievably excited as I walked each step... closer to seeing Justin Bieber face to face! My heart was about to jump out of my chest with the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Up until that moment, it didn't feel real. Then it hit me when we walked through this curtain and it was just me and Lambsey...
And there he was! JUSTIN BIEBER.
 Christian, Justin Bieber, and me!

His dark brown eyes gazed into mine for a brief instant that felt frozen in time for those few seconds. It was electric. We walked over to Justin, who smiled widely, and shook Lambsey's hand and said, "Hey man, nice to meet ya!" Then he turned to met and he breathed, "Hey sweetie. It's so great to meet you." And he flashed me that smile. Then he gave me a hug. My heart melted, it was like a moment of heaven.
Justin wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I rested my hand on his back and Lambsey stood next to him on the opposite side. We weren't allowed to bring our own cameras. Justin had his own professional photographer there who took our picture. 
Minutes later, his security guards escorted us away through more random mazes of hallways into an elevator. We had to ride the elevator to the main floor. Inside the elevators, Justin's people made us take off our meet and greet wrist bands. They cut them off and wouldn't let us keep them. It made me sad. I wanted to put it in my journal. I've yet to figure what that was all about.
We discovered the reason it took so long to finally meet JB. He went to Primary Childrens Medical Center to visit this poor sick litle girl who is a major Bieber fan. She's dying of cancer and he went over and met her and gave her and her family a miniature private concert. What a sweetheart! That made me respect him even more. He couldn't sign any autographs because there wasn't enough time since he made that unexpected trip but I was okay with that. 
I'd still never trade those few minutes making a dream come true. Never say never. Always believe. Meeting the Biebs was like watching fireworks explode in the night sky. They light up the sky, light up your entire world, captivating, beautiful, breathtaking, magical, electric. Then, before you know it, they're gone, but you'll never forget them and how wonderstruck you feel. When you close your eyes you can still see the light. That light stays in your memory and heart always and forever... what a blessing that is.
"I love it when you look at me because I know for a moment I crossed your mind"
This quote is so fitting. I know Justin Bieber has probably forgotten me by now, but I still love the idea that I met him, we crossed paths, and that for that one moment I was on his mind and the memory happened and will remain a part of our minds and stories forever. 
I still can't believe I met Justin Bieber.
Making your dreams come true... nothing makes you feel more ALIVE. Nothing gets your heart racing like that. Nothing makes you that happy. BELIEVE. You have to believe. That's the first step to taking your dreams and making them reality. You can do it. Everyone told me that meeting Justin Bieber was impossible. Well I MADE IT POSSIBLE. Impossible is nothing. Lovelies, be believing. Let this be the year you make your dreams come true. Make your own fairytale.
<W3/L (With Love),
Charley Brooke

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