Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Eyes Rain as the Sky Cries


         My Eyes Rain as the Sky Cries
          By: Charley Brooke (2012)
Rain or teardrops?
So hard to differentiate 
Falling, falling, nonstop 
Pouring through floodgates
Pounding on roofs and hearts
Rushing like a waterfall
Invisible falling stars of art
Wipe them off, replaced with a plastic doll smile
All because I'm waiting for the good part
Before these tears, raining from these eyes, I drown.
Pull apart. Take apart. Break apart.
When will I be found?
Take me to the rain.
Kiss away the pain.
Bring on the storm, the lightning, the thunder. 
Never again shall we be asunder.
Now I can see clear with no more tears.
He whispered in my ear "Have no fears. I'll be your knight in the night."
It only takes one spark.
To light up the dark.
I pulled you into an embrace
"Why are you sad, boy?"
And I discovered these were tears of joy
Perhaps sometimes the sky cries for us 
In raindrops of happiness. 

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