Tuesday, June 14, 2016


"The scariest moment is always just before you start."
"If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world."

"I know what love is; only because I've came in contact with what it isn't."

"You're better off being alone that with someone who makes you feel alone."

"Be the energy you want to attract."

"If it didn't matter you wouldn't be thinking about it."

"I will teach my daughter how to love, but most important how to stop. They never teach you how to stop."
"Just a reminder that you're who without someone else. You are not a fraction. You're a complete masterpiece all by yourself."

"Be patient with all things, but especially yourself."

"Because sometimes the people you can't live without, can live without you."

"I hope you're thinking about me. Because I'll always be thinking about you."

^Throwing it back to CiCi (Charley Brooke) 2012 (:

"It's a very powerful feeling when someone sees you as the person you wish you were."

Excerpts from my journal "Here(Hear)You Me" in 2012...
"I am entirely morose, depressed, and dead inside right how. I just feel so disconnected and lack a sense of belonging. I feel alone everywhere I go no matter how many people happen to be around me or how close they are. I'm sick of everything, really. This is just hitting the surface of what I'm feeling.  It's nearly impossible to put it into words. Happiness is a complete stranger to me. It's like everyone is living their lives and going places, and me? I'm stuck in slow motion with no one going nowhere. I don't even know what else to say... I don't even know what else to think.. No one understands. No one really knows me, not even you."

"I don't remember what it feels like to be happy. What is this thing you call happiness? I don't feel anything at all. They say the best things in life come free to us but so do the worst things. Do you know that silence has a sound that can be defeaning?"

"Drowning on dry land... did you know that it's possible? Or at least it can feel like you are? Feel like you cannot breathe because of the constant, crushing pressure surrounding you? I know. I like to, no...have to, believe that everything I've been searching for is in reach, even if it's impossibly hidden."

"I want to catch a break but I'm only breaking down. Breaking apart. Broken. Falling, falling, forever falling to pieces. Fading. Invisible. Disappearing. Gone. And no one notices or cares. It's an effortless mess, my SOS calling out to deaf ears in distress. The girl (me, I) is hopeless. She's open for suggestions. She can barely breathe. Countless questions. Is she wonderful? Do you wonder at her? Or, is it any wonder [her fate]? Full of wonder. Wondering. Waiting. Is it mere coincidence the fact that fate rhymes with wait or something deeper? I'm getting weaker. And you, you, you. You. It ends with you, or more accurately begins with you. Always you. Only you. Perfect you. The one. Will you come or run? She can be found on the ground. Find me. Save me. Embrace me. Press me to you. Hold me. Tighter. Never letting go or you'd fall, too. Strength in two becoming one. Learn me. Feel me. Catch me. Take me. Love me. I am yours forever. Irrevocably. Unconditional hearts and love. Enduring. Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming. Living. Flying. Breathing. Like stars crashing into each other in a cold, dark light years length, infinite galaxy, transforming into one radiant, bright, wonderstuck, breathlessly, beautiful shining star full of light filling the sky and each other with warmth and electricity. We are a star. You are my star. Guide me home."

Lovelies, I love you. Not everyday is perfect and sunshiney but through writing and speaking up and out you can help others. 
I hope you are all making you dreams come true. Never forget your loveliness.
I love you and am always here.
C h a r l e y B r o o k e 

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  1. you got this Char, Happiness takes time, that's why to hope and to wait are the same in spanish. It's going to come, and he will too, maybe at a time you least expect it. keep going, there are so many people rooting you on and who know how wonderful you really are.