Saturday, November 11, 2017

Problem [Ariana Grande]

"Look closer, and you'll see something extraordinary, mystifying... something real and true... We have never been what we've seemed."
-Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Okay lovelies, in between a 24 hour Taylor Swift reputation binge, I did some time traveling (reading in old journals what I did on this day in history) and came across a story I couldn't resist sharing.

"I am always worried about being judged by others. After I shared this fear with my therapist, he literally LOL'd (laughed out loud). He explained that most people, especially him, weren't judging me, and I was being too hard and judgmental on myself. He feels it's unfounded shame based and stems from a deep seeded belief that I'm "not enough". He went on to say that my problems weren't too big and that people that matter won't care or hold anything against me and that those were the people worth holding onto. He said as for anyone else that does judge or criticize me; they aren't worth my time or energy or me. He started to go on about a song about that. I was sitting there thinking 'Oh great, he's going to play some old-timey, impossibly optimistic song from way back when [mind you he was probably only in his late 40s early 50s]. I forced a smile. Then he had me LOL-ing when he finally remembered how the song went and actually started singing it, belting 'I've got one less problem without cha.' by Ariana Grande and Izzy Azalea! Haha! I was not expecting that. That was probably my best session with him.
I smile a little [lot] more lately. I am filled with hope and a light that won't be dulled or extinguished. I'm a force unlike any other. I'm starting to love myself as I rebuild myself into the best Charley. I can be the amazing girl wonder. I'm creating my own happiness and no one can take it from me. I am strong, beautiful, kind, fun, and intelligent. I'm worth it. [and SO ARE YOU!]"
-Me, 11/11/2017 (one year ago)

Therapists say the darndest things!
Well lovelies, sleep is calling my name... so is obsessing over Taylor Swift's reputation and the two magazines volume I and II. I have no words for her genius, talent, and impossible-ness. Slaylor. 
She is the American Queen to my USA Princess.
T-Swift and C-Swift.
Seriously, drop everything now and go buy her new CD and magazines at Target. They are earth shattering, mind blowing, and breathtaking... I promise I'm not biased just because I'm like the biggest Swiftie in existence..
You know a reputation blog post will be coming soon...

"You have to leave before you get left."
-T Swizzle

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  1. your blog is full of all the amazing things that one looks for getting inspired for their next work. i have always admired your posts. you are amazing. keep being you